Friday, April 29, 2016

UPDATE from Playmates Toys: TRU Exclusive TMNT Classic Collection Figures Coming Soon

Last week we reported that there has been sightings of three new TMNT Classic Collection figures popping up on eBay and other places online. At that time, we had no news to report on these figures other than to let you know they've been spotted.

Well, we reached out to Playmates Toys to get clarification. They reached out to the marketing department for us and here is what Paula Billingsley (Consumer/Officer Services Manager at Playmates Toys) had to say:
"These are all TRU Exclusives. The first 3, Skateboardin' Michelangelo, Touchdown Tossin' Leonardo, and Delta Donatello are hitting TRU in 1-2 weeks."
They even gave us some insight into future waves of TMNT Classic Collections that they have planned:
"The others are TBD –Super Mikey -Super Don -Military Leo probably fall 9/1/2016."
Well, there you have it! The three Classic Collection TMNT figures that we spotted online are Toys R Us exclusive items and will be hitting shelves soon! Not only that, but another wave is also planned for the fall. You heard it here first!

Also, now that you know that these are coming to Toys R Us please be sure to NOT FEED THE SCALPERS online who are asking for exorbitant amounts of money for these figures!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Celebrate ALIENDAY426 with a Look Back at NECA ALIENS

To mark the special occasion of ALIENDAY426 we wanted to take a walk down memory lane. 

Celebrate the day with us by checking out all of the NECA TOYS ALIEN(S) reviews we have done over the last few years. Lots of great ones!!!

NECA Toys Alien KANE Figure Review

NECA Toys Dog Alien Review


Monday, April 25, 2016

NECA TOYS Kenner Aliens Ripley Figure Review

Kenner Ripley
Can you believe it's already the 30th Anniversary for ALIENS?  I feel like it was just yesterday when I was freaking out over the Alien Queen and that stuff that was flowing out of the Torn Bishop. One of the ways NECA Toys is celebrating ALIENS DAY on 4/26, is with the Kenner Ripley figure. Ripley is a perfect throwback to the 90's comic version you might have owned as a kid. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one and discuss it just before ALIENS Day!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Three new Classic Collection TMNT Figures by Playmates Toys Spotted Online

While browsing eBay I came across a listing for three new Classic Collection TMNT figures. They are Skateboardin' Michelangelo, Touchdown Tossin' Leonardo, and Delta Donatello.

We have reached out to Playmates Toys for word on these new figures since Delta Don is not listed on their website, and I have not seen any news about these figures. So far we have been unable to get a response.

I hope these will find their way to TRU very soon and that we will continue to see more Classic Collection figures in the future. We will keep you posted if/when we hear back from Playmates.

More pictures after the jump...

Monday, April 4, 2016

Vintage TMNT Haul from Half Shell Toys

Everyone who follows us knows that we each have very diverse toy collections. With the said, we each still have our all-time favorites. Steve's favorite always has been and will be the original G.I. JOE: ARAH line from Hasbro. My personal favorite is the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line by Playmates.

As a kid I had so many of the figures and the playsets. I spent countless hours pretending to battle Shredder and the Foot Clan with my TMNT figures on the Technodrome and Sewer Lair. A few years back I was digging in the attic of my parents house and came across some of my original TMNT collection. Lots of it was missing and most weapons and accessories were long gone. Even then, finding those figures that I cherished as a kid was like finding gold. I scooped them up and displayed them in a room at my house. Around this time, my interest in collecting was already starting to grow due to Steve's toy collection. From this point on I decided that I wanted to complete my figures and rebuild the collection I had as a kid. Since then I have not only built it up to that point, but have surpassed what I had. A collector's job is never finished though.

I recently went on a little bit of a vintage TMNT splurge. First, Steve hooked me up with an excellent deal on some great pieces such as complete set of the Storage Shell Turtles, Toon Shredder, and many  more! A big thanks to him as he has helped me tremendously with building my collection up! 
In the past I have purchased a few much needed pieces for my collection from Tim at Half Shell Toys. Each time I have gone through him I have been extremely satisfied. This transaction was a few months in the making as both of us have been extremely busy with the daily grind of life! In the end, I bought three complete vehicles (Turtlecopter, Pogocopter, and Knucklehead) as well as fifteen complete figures from Tim.