Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mezco Toyz One:12 Evil Dead 2 Ash Williams Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Evil Dead 2 Ash Williams
It's 1987 and Evil Dead had already made its mark a few years earlier with Bruce Campbell playing Ash Williams, but this time it started out as a vacation.  After a demon poses as his girlfriend, Linda, he is forced to cut her head off and bury her in the woods. Pretty cool start to a movie, right? As the movie progresses characters come along, but the majority of the movie is plain nuts.  It's a great cult classic, and if you haven't seen it yet you should watch all three movies (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness).  Now it's time to take a closer look at Ash and see how well Mezco did translating him into figure form.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Mezco Toyz One:12 Iron Man Figure Review

Mezco Toyz One:12 Iron Man 
Iron Man is easily one of Marvel's most popular characters at this given moment in time. Much of that is due to the Iron Man and Avengers films. Tony Stark is one cocky mofo, but he has the tech and the suit to back it up. Iron Man was a highly anticipated figure for us. He is unique in that the One:12 line prides itself on its soft goods, but this figure doesn't have any soft goods. With that said, they make up for that by making an extremely sturdy action made with metal parts, light up features, and lots of accessories.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Mezco Toyz One:12 Darkseid Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Darkseid
Darkseid starts at the top of any list when it comes to all time super villains.  He is the father of other villains (Orion, Kalibak, Grayven, and Grail) that all carry their own weight in the DC world of comics.  Darkseid is the ruler Apokolips but desires to conquer the universe and of course crush all free will. Darkseid has so many abilities that beating him takes an army of superheros fighting against him at full strength.  Does Mezco provide us with an ultimate version of Darkseid, or is this figure not worth the hype?

Monday, January 21, 2019

Mezco Toyz One:12 Popeye Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Popeye
Popeye the Sailor Man was one of the first cartoons I was introduced to as a child. I loved the goofiness of the show and how spinach gave him muscles to take on his challenges. First introduced in 1929, Popeye has become one of the most recognized cartoon characters of all time. I really liked the other characters such as Olive Oyl and Bluto as well. They really added to Popeye's character. Now we have an excellent figure from Mezco that a lot of people are calling the figure of the year.  Let's take a closer look at this sailor and see what we think about him.