Monday, April 4, 2016

Vintage TMNT Haul from Half Shell Toys

Everyone who follows us knows that we each have very diverse toy collections. With the said, we each still have our all-time favorites. Steve's favorite always has been and will be the original G.I. JOE: ARAH line from Hasbro. My personal favorite is the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line by Playmates.

As a kid I had so many of the figures and the playsets. I spent countless hours pretending to battle Shredder and the Foot Clan with my TMNT figures on the Technodrome and Sewer Lair. A few years back I was digging in the attic of my parents house and came across some of my original TMNT collection. Lots of it was missing and most weapons and accessories were long gone. Even then, finding those figures that I cherished as a kid was like finding gold. I scooped them up and displayed them in a room at my house. Around this time, my interest in collecting was already starting to grow due to Steve's toy collection. From this point on I decided that I wanted to complete my figures and rebuild the collection I had as a kid. Since then I have not only built it up to that point, but have surpassed what I had. A collector's job is never finished though.

I recently went on a little bit of a vintage TMNT splurge. First, Steve hooked me up with an excellent deal on some great pieces such as complete set of the Storage Shell Turtles, Toon Shredder, and many  more! A big thanks to him as he has helped me tremendously with building my collection up! 
In the past I have purchased a few much needed pieces for my collection from Tim at Half Shell Toys. Each time I have gone through him I have been extremely satisfied. This transaction was a few months in the making as both of us have been extremely busy with the daily grind of life! In the end, I bought three complete vehicles (Turtlecopter, Pogocopter, and Knucklehead) as well as fifteen complete figures from Tim.

This past week I was very happy to see that a huge box arrived for me. Every thing was packed extremely well. There was thick bubble wrap around the inside of the box and each vehicle and figure was individually bagged and bubble wrapped as well. 

If you ever are in need of vintage TMNT figures (and other lines as well), and don't want to haggle with people on eBay then Tim is your man! He will get you what you need, pack it up securely, and ship it to you promptly. I am one completely satisfied customer and will be buying from him again.

Be sure to check him out: Half Shelf Toys

Additional photos of some of my TMNT collection:

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  1. This is a beautiful post! Love the haul, love the way you're displaying everything. I also noticed that your Halfcourt's accessories are a different color than mine!

  2. Thanks dude! Nice to get some love from a fellow vintage TMNT collector.