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NECA Toys Alien KANE Figure Review

NECA Toys Alien Figure:  KANE

*More Pics at the Bottom*

First off, let's just say KANE is a very detailed figure, and man I would not want to be him.  If you know anything about the alien movie, you know his FATE.  The first Alien movie has a different feel from the rest just because of the time and process it takes to see the Alien, "Big Chap".  Let's talk about KANE and what this unique figure has to offer.


The packaging is the classic NECA look with art on the sides and back as well as the backer card.  I have a particular way of opening these figures because I prefer not to destroy any of the artwork that comes with him.  Check it out….. Pretty cool!


After opening the figure I noticed right away the amount of detail and workmanship that went into it.  From head to toe he is covered in details that are specific to the character and his suit.  I removed all of his parts and right away went into bend and pose mode. He was a little tight which is normal, but after moving him some he was still snug but able to pose. 


He comes with a nice 2 piece helmet, very cool gun, and the signature light he carries from the movie.  I remember watching this as a kid, and certain elements of the movie blew my mind.  Kane definitely walked into one of the areas that did that to me! The helmet comes off and reveals the nasty face hugger stuck to his face.  Once this happens, it's all will no longer have a stomach (even if you have a bottle of Pepto!)


Once I was done critiquing him on his own, I threw him right into the alien pit.  Good luck to anyone that goes anywhere near this group of nasty's. He fits right in with the rest of NECA's line of Aliens and photographs very well!  I did notice when I initially took him out of the package he has some slight stickiness to certain areas of his paint.  Generally, with any figure that this happens to, after being out of the package for a little while, it tends to dry up and not be noticeable.  It didn't affect anything with the figure, and I didn't have any problems with him. I just opened him up and went nuts with him!

Be on the lookout for new review on NECA's Bishop figure soon!

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