Monday, October 13, 2014

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset

Last month, Target was having a HUGE sale on TMNT vehicles and playsets. Steve was lucky enough to grab one for each of us...and for that I owe him big time!

This thing is massive!!! One night, a few weeks back, we put this thing together. I won't bore you with too many details since most of you are probably quite familiar with this already. The plastic is very durable and the playset has a lot of cool bonus features. Those include things such as a tire swing, a telescope that peers out of a dumpster, ladders, sewer lids that open, a gun turret by the electrical lines, and much more.

Rather than go line by telling you what comes with this playset I am just going to show you what it looks like and what you could do with it. I chose to load mine up with my original TMNT figures because that's what I like to collect. Of course, you can do whatever you like with yours...the possibilities are endless.

I decided to throw in the new TMNT Movie Classics for good measure...

The playset is a lot of fun and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

NECA Toys Robocop - Deluxe Figure with Jetpack and Assault Cannon Review

What's up!!!! It's time to take a look at the NECA Robocop 3 Jetpack figure! First, I have to say this is probably my favorite Robocop figure to date. Everything is well made and detailed. It comes with a lot of cool stuff! 


Robocop's packaging is similar to the other NECA versions of him. It shows off the great looking figure, weapons, and jetpack that he comes with. If you see him in a store he's going to catch your eye!


The figure itself has a great look to it that shines with some tints of vintage-looking color. He still has his side holster with black pistol that pops out the same way as previous figures. He is very sturdy and his right arm is detachable for one of his sick guns. 


He is a little hard to stand with his jetpack on because of the weight, but it's easy to get him to stand once you figure it out. 

Weapons & Accessories

Robocop comes with the awesome Cobra assault cannon and machine gun attachment for his arm along with his jetpack. They are all great weapons and it's worth buying the figure just for the weapons alone. 


He is my favorite Robocop figure NECA has made! It has great weapons and a sturdy figure with a nice finshed look to him. I took some pics of Robocop and ED-209 battling it out to give you an idea of what your display could look like!

Bottom line..... Get him!!! 

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1980's Super Powers Collection

Super Powers:  Old vs New

Hey everyone. I hope all is well in the toy collecting world! We wanted to talk about the 1980's Super Powers line and what figures we all had as kids.  Also, we wanted to compare the newer line that pays homage to these wonderful, classic figures! I think everyone, including me, had a Superman figure when we were growing up and most likely a Batman figure as well.  I had them both along with Aquaman, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Dr Fate, Darkseid, Wonder Woman and a few others.  Starting to bring back those wonderful 80's memories yet?

I have now collected 26 figures from this line. There are some others I just haven't bought yet because I am waiting for the right price.  Below is a picture from my vintage collection of the classic figures from the DC Comics line! Who was your favorite from this line when you were growing up?

I have also started to collect the DC Universe figures from the past few years because I think they do the old figures justice!  My most recent figure was the Darkseid Build a Figure who is a beast and towers over all of them.  I believe the new line is very close to the original figures just with better detail. 

So based off your experience and the pictures which line would you rather own?  Would you prefer the classic smaller figures or the larger, more detailed figures recently made?

We hope you enjoyed the pictures and we would like to hear your stories about these wonderful figures we all love!  Make sure to leave a comment or contact us on Twitter @cobrashadowjoes


Monday, October 6, 2014

Review of Sideshow Collectibles Classic Batman 2014

All New Sideshow Classic Batman

What's up everyone? How's the collecting going?  This Friday I received the new Sideshow Batman directly from Sideshow. Up until now, I have only collected the Sideshow GI Joe figures, but I am very happy to have branched out to Batman...and even more to come!

Batman with Kryptonite Ring


Batman comes with some really cool box art that, in my opinion, perfectly captures the true look of Batman.  If you love the classic Batman then this is the figure for you. The classic symbol and the look of his cape look amazing! The Sideshow exclusive comes with a battle damaged face that has some excellent details on it.

Front Box Art

Insert in box- love the art on this

Figure and Accessories

The figure itself is massive. He is built like he is indestructible!  He comes with a nice set of weapons including a Grapple and Bat Blades.  Some people are not too happy the yellow oval is not around his bat symbol, but I think it looks fine. Of course, everyone has their own preference for how Batman should look. His cape is the craziest part about him. It's so long and can really get the look of a bat coming down at you with the cape spread out.  The stand he comes with allows for multiple levels of display depending on how you want him to look.  I am planning on putting the Play Arts Deathstroke next to him on the shelf!

Batman in the clam shell unmoved

Battle Damage Face

All his weapons and stand


He displays very well in multiple poses on his stand.  I like the look of the ring and his cape hanging just over his arms.  I also like all three of the faces he came with so I will probably swap those on and off a lot.  As I was saying before, the actual body of this figure is huge and is extremely detailed.  If you are a Batman lover, or even a comic book fan you need to get this figure. 


I love this version of Batman Sideshow has done for us.  He poses well, looks great, and is a great addition for any collection.  Let us know what you think on here or on twitter. @CobraShadowJoes

Thursday, October 2, 2014

NECA Previews NES Rambo Figure

Last night NECA Toys previewed an upcoming NES Rambo figure on their Twitter page. Steve and I got to see this bad boy in person a few weeks back when we toured NECA studios. Of course, Randy swore us to secrecy since it was not announced yet. Haha We have been dying for them to announce this figure so that we can talk to people about it. The picture looks excellent, but just wait until you get this in your hands. The paint is killer on it. NECA just keeps raising the bar higher and higher with each new figure that they release. And keep in mind, the NES Rambo is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new figures that they are working on. They have so much more awesomeness in store and their new figures will blow your minds. 2015 is going to be a great year for NECA Toys so start saving your money now!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review of NECA Toys Deluxe Bad Blood Predator

As I mentioned in my post yesterday about our tour at NECA's studios, Randy gave us a Bad Blood Predator as a parting gift. Talk about an awesome gift! Needless to say I was and still am pretty pumped up about it. It's an awesome feeling to know that you have the first Bad Blood figure released to the public. I have been looking forward to this figure ever since Randy showed him off at Toy Fair way back in February. This figure is very impressive and I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

 This figure is extremely detailed, but first let's start off with the sweet packaging. The packaging shows a picture of the Dark Horse Comics Bad Blood. They added great detail such as the foil lettering and in the piercing and the dreadlocks on the Predator. Below are some pictures of the packaging.

Next up are the accessories. The detail and amount of accessories on this guy are unbelievable. His weapons include a bloody machete/sword and a spear that fits on to his back. He also comes with the wrist blades (with lots of extra blood on them). This blood-thirsty Predator also comes with the severed heads and skulls of his victims which hang nicely from his waist. The actual figure itself has lots of extra goodies such as the skulls and bones of past victims which he uses as body armor on his knees and shoulders.

Now, on to the actual figure. This guy is an absolute beast! I don't know any better way to describe him. He is massive. When you see him next to the NES Predator, Bad Blood towers over him. He has a new wider mouth which looks great. When I came home from the tour I showed my wife the new Bad Blood figure that Randy gave me. It actually scared her and she looked away so you know NECA did an excellent job with this guy! Haha! He feels very sturdy and displays especially well on my NECA stands. As I mentioned before, they went all out with the detail on this guy. From the blood, to the armor, to his markings on his face. There is not one thing that disappointed me about this figure. Without a doubt, he is one of my favorite Predator figures to date.

This is one figure you do not want to miss out on. If you haven't done so already I would highly recommend pre-ordering online from which ever toy source is your favorite. Bad Blood is one bad ass figure!