Friday, April 17, 2015

NECA Toys Cracked Tusk Predator Review

NECA Toys: Cracked Tusk Predator

Our final Predator to review from NECA's latest wave of Predator figures is the ultimate bad ass, Cracked Tusk! Cracked Tusk is a respected leader and elder but is still a feared warrior. This figure is part of the Kenner-inspired line that NECA puts out once a year. As you can see below, NECA pays close attention to details and their packaging and card art stay true to the original Kenner Predator figures from the early 90's. 

Cracked Tusk comes with excellent accessories. First and foremost, his mask is highly detailed and menacing looking to put fear into his prey. He also comes with a cool looking spear, a smart disc (which he can hold), and awesome looking claw instead of the standard wrist blades. All of these features make Cracked Tusk a very unique Predator and one of my personal favorites.

I always like to play with my Predators and bend all of the joints when I first open them. It enables me to loosen up the joints a bit. From there, the real fun begins...posing and photographing them. Cracked Tusk has the standard articulation that we are all accustomed to by this point. We were able to get some great action pictures of Cracked Tusk decimating a Terminator endoskeleton. Sorry T-800, but you have zero chance of winning when put up against a force such as Cracked Tusk!

If you haven't picked up this figure yet then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!? He is worth every penny. We are extremely pleased with this latest line of Predators that NECA has released. It is our personal opinion that these are the best quality and most well made Predators that they have released yet. They just feel solid in your hands. Please take a look at our pictures below to see this bad boy in action. Go out and buy! You will NOT be disappointed!

Samples Courtesy of NECA TOYS

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's Turdsday and Hasbro made the list..

Hey everyone!!! This is Dixel Pan!!! Nahhh, it's not's Steve and Jon!  Today is Thursday and it's time to discuss the phatty turd dropped by Hasbro over the past week.  Hasbro decided to release all of your least favorite GI JOE items in colors that make the Toxo-Warriors look super dope.  Hasbro has been letting the GI JOE line slip through their finger tips for a while now.  They had a great idea with the 25th anniversary figures and vehicles that all mostly looked like upgrades.  

Now after the 25th anniversary line came, many more lines followed (between the movies and other ideas Hasbro had).  This brings me to their announcement this week of a crap load of TURDS!  The majority of these repaints show zero originality and leaves me with NO desire to buy these turds.  

Desert Duel

Swamp Steam 2pk\

So Thank YOU, HASBRO!  Thank you for providing all of us fans with colors that look like our dog barfed on our GI JOE's!  I always wanted a RED alligator to go with my Green one.  Yes, that is a vomit yellow and green Blowtorch...and if you really want to buy him just wait about 6 months when he is marked down to$1.00 at TRU.

I love GI JOE and generally buy anything that is made for this line.  The majority of this repainted mess I will not be buying this time.  Someone on Twitter asked me what was announced and I said "Ah Repaints and um yeah repaints."  

Way to go Hasbro, thanks for releasing a nice TURD when I was already feeling kinda bloated.

Instead of announcing a 6" Black Series line, which fans WANT extremely bad they just give us this same old crap. It is sad to see this line dying, but that's what happens when those in charge neglect it so badly.

So in other words, this is what Hasbro thinks of you, loyal G.I. JOE fans...

YO JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Happy Turdsday!

Monday, April 13, 2015

NECA Toys Scavage Predator Review

NECA Toys Scavage Predator Review

The Scavage predator is a loner, because he trusts no one!  When the series 13 Predators wave was released I would say Scavage was probably the one I liked the least.  After opening all 3 predators from the series there was one thing in common, I liked them all.  Series 13 really is a sharp and distinct line of predators that NECA has released.  All three are made well, pose well, and are very fun to take pics and play with.  That being said, lets now focus on Scavage who was a pleasant surprise once he was in my hands!  I really like the paint, weapons, mask, and the entire look of this predator.  So let's dig into the details of this distrustful, loner, SOB!

So by now if you have been getting the predators line based off the 90's Kenner line you will have noticed the distinct card that comes with these predators. I have also noticed that the predators are snug in the packaging with the plastic staying glued to the backer.  The back of his card explains that he is a loner, respects and trusts no one and sometimes hunts with his hound!  Once again each predator profile is fun to read and helps fills in holes in your predator universe.

Scavage has a real nice feel to him in your hands.  The joints move smoothly along with his hands and his head to go along with his insane look.  I was able to move all joints with no issues right out of the box and posed him in a bunch of different ways to get a feel for him.  I generally do this with any new figure I get, so I have an idea later down the road who can do what.  I love the mask he comes with. Either look really shows the details of this great predator. It is so tough to choose what to pose him with.

The figure comes with an awesome staff that has a skull on the top and also the normal shoulder cannon. The blades on his arm are different from the usual ones and are very long so he can thrash his enemies.  I know his mask isn't a weapon, but I really like it and it adds to the look and feel of the figure.


Scavage is another welcome addition to my predator clan!  He is made well, looks great, and is definitely worth buying and adding to your collection of NECA's predator's.  I would highly consider picking up all three predators from Series 13!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Look Out Below, It's TURDSDAY

Today, on this fine #turdsday, we present to you a new weekly feature that will take place here at Cobra Shadow Joes. Without further ado, welcome to Turdsday. Every Thursday (now known as Turdsday) we will present you with something toy related (a particular toy company, toy line, a toy/figure, toy spokesman/PR guy/owner, etc) that we choose as our Turd of the Week.

Now, we realize that this will rub some people the wrong way. Some toy companies may be upset as well as their loyal fans. We hope that people will not take this too seriously and will be entertained by this. I know we are bound to get a few angry emails as we have in the past from toy companies because of our Twitter posts. We realize that, but we also realize we have to be real to ourselves and to our fans. I think many of you guys like us because we are regular guys and fans just like you. No gimmicks. We don't use fake, overly enthusiastic voices when doing reviews or anything like that. We don't just kiss the butt of every company out there either. If you put out a product that is cheap or sucks we will call you out. If your customer service is terrible we will call you out. If you treat your fans like garbage we will definitely call you out.

Most importantly, this is our OPINION! Feel free to disagree with us. We expect that so have at it. While we are serious about what we think are "turds" this is also kind of a half don't take this too seriously. If you email us asking why we are "dissing" your product then you just don't get it. Don't be so worried about what we're saying and take it out on us. Rectify the problem and make your product/attitude/whatever-it-may-be better. Also, I will have a lot more respect for you if you can take a good ribbing and joke with us rather than sending an irate email. Not every product can be a home run. We totally get that, but since we are spending our hard-earned money on your products we expect the best and are allowed to voice our opinions. Also, not everything we will discuss is necessarily bad. It could just be something that WE don't like or get. There's a market out there for everything. Some of the things we pick we can totally understand why some others might like it, but it's just not for us. Again, this is strictly our OPINION. So, if we pick one of your favorite toys don't Hulk out. Don't be that guy.

We want you guys, our awesome fans, to participate and take part in all of the fun with us. Every Turdsday we want you to join us on Twitter ( @cobrashadowjoes ) and share your own TURDS by using the hashtag #turdsday. This is basically an online version of conversations and debates that we have all of the time, and we want to open this conversation up to you as well.

Ok, so now that is out of the way...let's get down to business. The honor of our first ever Turd of the Week goes to.....Diamond Select Toys...specifically their line of home/kitchen/office products. As a collector do you know what I am NOT looking to spend money on?  I have absolutely no need or desire for expensive coin banks, bottle openers, letter openers, ice trays, gelatin molds, pizza cutters, etc. Yes, they may be connected to cool characters such as Godzilla, Alien, Predator, and Ghostbusters, but that is not enough to get me to spend my hard earned money on stuff like that.

Give me a budget of $20-$25 and then give me the choice of a Predator bottle opener or a Predator figure. that is a tough one. Do I want to spend roughly 20 bucks on a metal bottle opener or do I want to spend that on a awesome, articulated figure that comes with accessories? That is just a no brainer to me! I don't think a pizza cutter, ice tray, or bottle opener would flow too well in my collection room either!

Again, I realize there is a market out there for everything, but these are just things that leave us scratching our heads. Every time I see these products I immediately think "who buys this stuff?" Now, obviously people out there must buy it or else they wouldn't keep making it. That would just be bad business.

Now to be fair, Diamond Select Toys does make some other cool products. While we aren't into them very much there are many out there who enjoy the Minimates quite a bit. By far, my favorite line they produce is their Marvel Select line. To prove that I am not just some rabid Diamond Select Toys hater here is a picture of my Marvel Select collection at the moment...

Now again, remember this is strictly our personal opinion. Don't be upset if we picked one of your favorite things as our Turd. There will be many turds to go around. Feel free to have a friendly discussion about this on Twitter. Diamond Select Toys does do some very cool stuff. It's just that we find the home/kitchen/office products to be about as interesting as a Zach Oatmeal spoon. Hopefully, companies can be cool and laugh at this with us all and let it roll of their shoulders. Companies that are cool with their fans and who "get it" are great at that.

We hope that you have enjoyed this new feature to our website and got a laugh out of it. Please, join on us Twitter and share with us your very own turds by tagging us on Twitter and using the hashtag #turdsday