Friday, November 20, 2015

NECA TOYS Aliens Power Loader Review

NECA TOYS Aliens Power Loader
Hi everyone, I just received the Kenner Aliens Power Loader, and man this thing is just a hunk of plastic.  Oh wait, I actually got the NECA Toys version of the Aliens Power Loader and this thing is much more than some plastic!  Classic, a perfect word to describe the NECA Power Loader.  It's truly something pulled right out of the Aliens movie, and not just to fight the Queen, but to also help me move things around in my room.  It comes in a smaller box than you would think, but wait until you take it out you and get a feel of how cool and in scale it is with all of your NECA Aliens collection!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NECA TOYS Terminator Genisys T-1000 Review

NECA Terminator Genisys T-1000

If you have already watched Terminator Genesis you have an idea of all the characters that star in this movie.  I wasn't a huge fan of the entire movie, but there was some great parts that you can't overlook.  Some of the things I actually did like about the movie were the additional characters that were introduced. Genisys brought us a new/different T-1000. This isn't the iconic Robert Patrick version that we all know and love from T2. However, since T-1000's are shapeshifters it does make sense for them to have the forms of a different people. The T-1000 from Genisys is played by Byung-hun Lee. This character is pretty freaking awesome. The only downside is that the creators of the movie teased us big time and the character is hardly even in the movie. With that said, I won't let my gripes with the movie interfere with my review of this kickass figure.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

MEZCO Toys Judge Dredd Figure Review

"I am the LAW!"
Who exactly is Judge Dredd?  Joseph Dredd is a future law officer in Mega-City One.  His role is to be a "street judge", to arrest, convict, sentence and best of all execute criminals. In Mega-City One, he is the top of all the Street Judges, just waiting for the chance to execute those who do not obey the law.  Dredd was once offered the job of Chief Justice, but refused the position to continue to be Judge, Jury, Executioner.  There are many layers to this character, and the foes he faces in the not too distant future.  If you follow the comic story lines, you realize he has also fought against Xenomorphs and even a Predator.  Dredd has no fear, and is deadly force to any enemy that crosses his path.

Friday, October 16, 2015

NECA TOYS Commando 30th Anniversary Ultimate John Matrix Review

Ultimate COMMANDO John Matrix

*Cue the steel drums*

One of my most beloved and iconic movie characters, John Matrix of COMMANDO, has finally been brought to life in 7" action figure form. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the past NECA has brought us different figures based of Dutch from Predator and Arnold's T-800 from the Terminator series. They are very cool and are must haves for any Arnold fan. One thing I always wanted to have was a John Matrix figure. NECA has made me one happy customer, and went all out for this one by giving him the Ultimate treatment. Be forewarned: I eat toy reviews for breakfast. And right now, I'm very hungry! It's time for me to let off some steam. On a side note: I have to remind you readers, I'm typing this with my weak arm. Ok, enough with this macho bullshit!

Friday, September 25, 2015

NECA TRU Exclusive Aliens vs Predator 2 Pack Review

Aliens vs Predator 2 Pack

In the 90's, toys were really starting to come off the tracks with design and colors.  This is the same time that Kenner was producing the Aliens vs Predator line that had cool ideas but not exactly perfect figures.  I always felt for some reason the Kenner Aliens were better overall compared to their Predator counterparts.  There was just something about the Predator size and articulation with the figures that made them not look like the Predator we knew from the big screen and comics.  NECA has been successful in turning the tide with the Kenner lines and adding their own mark on these original figures.  Let's take a closer look at what may be the best 2-pack NECA has ever produced. Are you an Aliens or Predator person….you decide!