Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Mezco Toyz One:12 Clown Prince of Crime Joker Review

Mezco Toyz Joker Clown Prince of Crime Edition
The Joker is crazy, and he's a really creepy clown.  Batman's most lethal foe is always cooking up crazy plans of crime and chaos in the dark city of Gotham.  Joker is considered by many people to be the greatest single villain of all time. If you have to sit and think for a minute as to why, then you probably are not a fan of the Joker. Mezco has produced three versions of Joker so far, each one with a unique look for you to decide what's your favorite version.  If you are like me, I have picked up all three versions and hope Mezco continues to do more!
  • Two new striking head sculpts 
  • Highly detailed bomb bear
  • Suspenders with knife holders on each hip
  • Sharp Joker styled cane
  • Painted body that has flaking around the joints
  • Same low articulation Joker body (28 points of articulation)
The first thing I noticed (many others as well) was the body was painted white instead of using a white body mold.  This caused white flaking of paint on the parts around arm joints and was a little frustrating to see right out of the box. Looking closer at the figure I really liked his outfit from top to bottom.  His outfit has more of a punk look, which I really enjoy because we always seem to get a pimp style Joker.
The accessories Joker comes with are probably the best part of the figure with the face sculpts a close second.  Joker comes with two distinct head sculpts that I really like and plan to use both of them in the future.  His accessories are unique and most of them are net new items which is always a positive from a new figure.  The MP5 is a common Mezco weapon but this one has a wacky Joker paint job to it.  He also has comes with two unique knives and sheaths on the waist to hold them.  My favorite accessory's are the ticking time bomb bear and the slick pimp daddy Joker cane!
The latest version of Joker is much different from what we normally see, and I really like it!  He comes with two unique head sculpts as well as a great outfit and accessories. Many people passed on this figure at first, but now that they are seeing it in hand with all of the possibilities hes becoming a hot item. If you have a chance to pick this Joker up, I wouldn't pass on it as the previous Joker's released have continued to rise in price.  All in all, this is a really sharp Joker figure that I am happy to have in my collection and add to the possibilities for customs with his extra parts!
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