Wednesday, February 25, 2015

PREDATOR at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema with NECA Toys

On Monday evening, we had the amazing opportunity to see PREDATOR on the big screen at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Yonkers! Randy Falk of NECA TOYS was there with an excellent Predaor display to show off to all the fans. He also gave away a bunch of sweet NECA goodies including an AHAB Predator and a BRAND NEW Renegade Predator!

If you have never made it to an ALAMO Theater before just know that it's a great experience. You can order food, beer, and desserts right from your seats. I got a hot chocolate and Steve and I both got our own plates of fresh, out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. Steve and I drove two hours to get there, but the trip was worth it. This might have been our only chance to see PREDATOR on the big screen, plus it is always fun to get a chance to hang out with Randy. It definitely was a fun night to remember! A big thanks to the people at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas and to Randy and the NECA crew!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

DC Collectibles at 2015 Toy Fair

DC Collectibles was another company that brought their A game at this years Toy Fair. From the highly successful Batman: The Animated Series line, to the Designer Series, to the Icons Series, to the Arrow TV Series figures there is certainly A LOT to be excited about this year.

The figures in the Icons series look beautiful. I will be very tempted to buy a lot of them this year. I also love the Batman: The Animated Series line. So far, I only have Mr. Freeze, but that is going to change this year. I particularly like the figures for Bane and the Penguin. Also, the new Batmobile looks sick!

Unfortunately, due to us deciding to go to Toy Fair at the last minute we didn't secure an appointment with DC Collectibles. We made it to the booth, but it was quite crowded and because of that we didn't get as many pictures as we would have hoped to take. See below for just a little taste of what we got to see.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Diamond Select Toys at 2015 Toy Fair

On Saturday the 14th at Toy Fair we were given a tour of the Diamond Selects Toys booth by Zach Oat. They have a lot great things coming out from Marvel Selects, to new Minimates, to a slew of new Ghostbusters stuff, to Alien and Predator, to Clerks, to Batman: the Animated Series, and much more! Take a look at our photo gallery below to see all of the great stuff that Diamond Select Toys has in store for us this year.



Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NECA Toys Enforcer Predator Figure Review

NECA Toys Predator Figure: ENFORCER

The Enforcer Predator has been out for a little while now, but he is a fan favorite character who deserves a review from us. The Enforcer is from the Dark Horse Comics Predator: Bad Blood series. He was sent to put a stop to the blood-thirsty, psychopathic Bad Blood. As you can see below, NECA did a great job of translating the Enforcer from the comic to action figure form.


The Enforcer comes with similar packaging as Bad Blood. The only real difference is this does not have the foil on the backer since it is not a Deluxe Figure. The back features a customized biography that gives a little insight into the Enforcer for those who may not have read the comic.

Figure and Accesories:

Just like the rest of the Predators in this wave NECA did a great job with him. His paint, armor, and helmet make him look like he jumped right off the pages of the comic book. He comes with an extra hand, plasma caster, spear, and smart disc. He also has over 25 points of articulation and you can see from the pictures at the end that he poses very well.

Bottom Line:

The Enforcer Predator has always been one of my favorites. NECA didn't disappoint and gave him a proper figure. As is always the case with NECA figures, it is a blast to get him out of the packaging and pose him and take some fun pictures. The pictures of him speak for themselves and show you just  how awesome he is...better than I can put into words.

Take a look below and enjoy some pictures of the Enforcer facing off against his nemesis Bad Blood!