Friday, April 29, 2016

UPDATE from Playmates Toys: TRU Exclusive TMNT Classic Collection Figures Coming Soon

Last week we reported that there has been sightings of three new TMNT Classic Collection figures popping up on eBay and other places online. At that time, we had no news to report on these figures other than to let you know they've been spotted.

Well, we reached out to Playmates Toys to get clarification. They reached out to the marketing department for us and here is what Paula Billingsley (Consumer/Officer Services Manager at Playmates Toys) had to say:
"These are all TRU Exclusives. The first 3, Skateboardin' Michelangelo, Touchdown Tossin' Leonardo, and Delta Donatello are hitting TRU in 1-2 weeks."
They even gave us some insight into future waves of TMNT Classic Collections that they have planned:
"The others are TBD –Super Mikey -Super Don -Military Leo probably fall 9/1/2016."
Well, there you have it! The three Classic Collection TMNT figures that we spotted online are Toys R Us exclusive items and will be hitting shelves soon! Not only that, but another wave is also planned for the fall. You heard it here first!

Also, now that you know that these are coming to Toys R Us please be sure to NOT FEED THE SCALPERS online who are asking for exorbitant amounts of money for these figures!!!


  1. Great report, man!! So cool that there's another wave coming up.
    I wouldn't call these people "SCALPERS".These specific pictures are from a lady on eBay, (Seller:rockateaddy_883) who always gives me the best prices on all my TMNT action figures. I bought these specific ones from her as a "Best Offer" for $30 +shipping. I don't think that was an outrageous price. But that's just my opinion.

  2. Interesting. There was a seller named Rocksteady_883 on there recently selling them for $74.99 plus $14.95 shipping. That is extreme scalping!

  3. Why do you keep deleting my comment? Is it something I said?
    Not cool, man.

    1. I haven't deleted any comments. In fact, I can't think of an instance that I have ever deleted a comment on here. I am not sure what you are talking about. Did you delete your own comment by accident?