Monday, December 19, 2016

NECA TOYS Ultimate T-1000 Motorcycle Cop Terminator

NECA Ultimate T-1000 Motorcycle Cop
Over the past year NECA has been providing us with a large list of "Ultimate" figures from all of our favorite movies, games, and toy lines.  Years ago NECA created a line from the T2 movie based off the many different looks of the characters throughout the movie.  So far we have the Ultimate T-800, Sarah Connor and T-1000, and now we have the T-1000 Motorcycle Cop! Each Ultimate figure NECA provides is absolutely loaded with weapons and extra parts to provide many different looks.  The T-1000 motorcycle cop is no exception and provides his classic look along with the MP-5 I have been waiting for!

Friday, December 16, 2016

NECA TOYS Kenner Aliens Queen Facehugger

Kenner Aliens Queen Facehugger 
NECA toys is really starting to go deep into our childhood toys in a great way.  In the 90's the Kenner Aliens, Predators, and Marines line was a huge hit and provided a ton of unique looks to these characters.  One of the craziest ones was the Alien Queen Facehugger that was a larger, uglier, creepier version of a regular Facehugger.  Based off of the Kenner storyline the Queen Facehugger can't plant Alien larva into a host but is there to defend the Queen eggs and sometimes uses its tail and legs to help hold down a host.  One of the things about the large Queen Facehugger, like other facehuggers, is it reminds me of a nasty spider, and I hate spiders…

Thursday, December 15, 2016

NECA TOYS Kenner Inspired Gorilla Alien (Series 10)

Kenner Inspired GORILLA ALIEN

NECA continues to knock it out of the park (Steve asks me exactly how many homeruns NECA has hit at this point) with their homage figures. They have already brought us many Kenner inspired figures from the PREDATOR line, but now they have brought us our first Kenner inspired ALIENS figures. This is a highly popular line that many people collected in the 90's. NECA really went out of their way to to stay true to the original figure while adding their own special touches to the figure.