Friday, February 20, 2015

DC Collectibles at 2015 Toy Fair

DC Collectibles was another company that brought their A game at this years Toy Fair. From the highly successful Batman: The Animated Series line, to the Designer Series, to the Icons Series, to the Arrow TV Series figures there is certainly A LOT to be excited about this year.

The figures in the Icons series look beautiful. I will be very tempted to buy a lot of them this year. I also love the Batman: The Animated Series line. So far, I only have Mr. Freeze, but that is going to change this year. I particularly like the figures for Bane and the Penguin. Also, the new Batmobile looks sick!

Unfortunately, due to us deciding to go to Toy Fair at the last minute we didn't secure an appointment with DC Collectibles. We made it to the booth, but it was quite crowded and because of that we didn't get as many pictures as we would have hoped to take. See below for just a little taste of what we got to see.

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