Monday, February 2, 2015

NECA Toys Aliens BISHOP Figure Review

NECA Toys Aliens Figure: BISHOP

The next figure that is up for review just happens to be one of my favorite characters from the movie, ALIENS...BISHOP the android! 


The figure comes with the standard packaging which features art on the back and sides as well as pictures of the other figures that are available in this series of figures. Take a look below.


NECA did a great job with Bishop. His face looks exactly the same as he does in the movie. His jump suit and sneakers also look excellent. More on the sneaks later. As always, there are many points of articulation on the body. He poses very well so no need to use a stand on this one.


Bishop comes with some sweet accessories including the knife he uses to perform his special knife trick on Private Hudson.

The sneakers on Bishop are actually one of my favorite things about the figure. I know that may sound odd, but as I always say it's that attention to detail that separates NECA from the others. I just might need to go out and get me some red and white velcro sneaks!!!


If you love collecting ALIEN figures then Bishop is the perfect addition to your Xenomorphs and Colonial Marines. He is a very fun figure to play with, pose, and photograph. One day I would love to make a custom of him ripped in half like in the movie.

Words can only describe this figure just so much so take a look below for more pictures of BISHOP!

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