Wednesday, February 25, 2015

PREDATOR at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema with NECA Toys

On Monday evening, we had the amazing opportunity to see PREDATOR on the big screen at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Yonkers! Randy Falk of NECA TOYS was there with an excellent Predaor display to show off to all the fans. He also gave away a bunch of sweet NECA goodies including an AHAB Predator and a BRAND NEW Renegade Predator!

If you have never made it to an ALAMO Theater before just know that it's a great experience. You can order food, beer, and desserts right from your seats. I got a hot chocolate and Steve and I both got our own plates of fresh, out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. Steve and I drove two hours to get there, but the trip was worth it. This might have been our only chance to see PREDATOR on the big screen, plus it is always fun to get a chance to hang out with Randy. It definitely was a fun night to remember! A big thanks to the people at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas and to Randy and the NECA crew!!!

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  1. Looks like it was a blast! I'm itching to get to this theater myself. I've only been to the one in Austin (which was also awesome).