Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review of NECA Toys Deluxe Bad Blood Predator

As I mentioned in my post yesterday about our tour at NECA's studios, Randy gave us a Bad Blood Predator as a parting gift. Talk about an awesome gift! Needless to say I was and still am pretty pumped up about it. It's an awesome feeling to know that you have the first Bad Blood figure released to the public. I have been looking forward to this figure ever since Randy showed him off at Toy Fair way back in February. This figure is very impressive and I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

 This figure is extremely detailed, but first let's start off with the sweet packaging. The packaging shows a picture of the Dark Horse Comics Bad Blood. They added great detail such as the foil lettering and in the piercing and the dreadlocks on the Predator. Below are some pictures of the packaging.

Next up are the accessories. The detail and amount of accessories on this guy are unbelievable. His weapons include a bloody machete/sword and a spear that fits on to his back. He also comes with the wrist blades (with lots of extra blood on them). This blood-thirsty Predator also comes with the severed heads and skulls of his victims which hang nicely from his waist. The actual figure itself has lots of extra goodies such as the skulls and bones of past victims which he uses as body armor on his knees and shoulders.

Now, on to the actual figure. This guy is an absolute beast! I don't know any better way to describe him. He is massive. When you see him next to the NES Predator, Bad Blood towers over him. He has a new wider mouth which looks great. When I came home from the tour I showed my wife the new Bad Blood figure that Randy gave me. It actually scared her and she looked away so you know NECA did an excellent job with this guy! Haha! He feels very sturdy and displays especially well on my NECA stands. As I mentioned before, they went all out with the detail on this guy. From the blood, to the armor, to his markings on his face. There is not one thing that disappointed me about this figure. Without a doubt, he is one of my favorite Predator figures to date.

This is one figure you do not want to miss out on. If you haven't done so already I would highly recommend pre-ordering online from which ever toy source is your favorite. Bad Blood is one bad ass figure!

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