Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: 10" Marvel Deadpool by Fire Toy


This is a review of the somewhat new 10" Marvel Fire Toy Deadpool.  He is very similar in size and build  the Play Arts Kai figures.   

Deadpool is a favorite among many fans whether its comics, movies, or action figures. He is a highly sought after character.  This Deadpool in particular is the best Deadpool I have ever seen made into figure form! 

Fire Toy really did an excellent job capturing the look and feel of Deadpool with this figure.  He is highly detailed, sturdy ,and comes with the deadly weapons.  The Marvel Select version, for instance, comes with 1 sword, a pistol, and a gun. All of those weapons are much nicer on the Fire Toy version.  He comes with double swords and sheaths, and he also comes with 5 hands to hold all of his weapons which are very made well.  The only down side is he doesn't come with a gun. That was an easy fix since I have so many extra weapons around. I quickly gave him a gun  to make him look more accurate...and badass.  

Compared to the Play Arts Kai figures he is lighter and sturdier.  He stands on his own and can even take some wobbling without worrying about him falling over.  He has tight joints and poses well with no looseness anywhere on his body.  For some reason, he really reminds me of a huge 3 ¾ GI JOE figure when I hold him in my hand. 

This figure is a little tougher to get as you will most likely have to buy through eBay or directly through a Chinese retailer. He is going to cost you right around $100.  I was lucky enough to search and get mine for $73 including shipping through Ali Express.  If you are a Deadpool fan I would recommend finding one if you can.  He looks great, is fun to pose and move around, and is just a really fun figure own! 

I know that Sideshow will be releasing their version towards the end of the year, and I will be getting it because it looks insane!  

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  2. I got one just last weekend. I saw one on a mall near us and then I tried finding one on a market that sells cheap items. It was amazing. The figure looks awesome. I think the design is way better than some licensed deadpool products. My favorite part of it is the boots. it was heavily detailed.