Friday, October 9, 2020

Mezco Toyz One:12 Harley Quinn Review

  Mezco Toyz Harley Quinn Review 

It's Harley Quinn, this sweet little girl that likes long walks and lolly pops.  If that were Harley I think she would be a much different character, maybe even a woman who pursues Bruce Wayne.  Harley is a bad, bad girl with lots of crazy thoughts going through her head and shes's in love with everyone's favorite whack job the Joker.  The first Harley I owned was the Mezco movie version and I thought she was a very cool figure with great head sculpts. This Harley, is the one that we saw in the comics or even some animated series where she just likes to be a wild girl. I was excited to get her in hand and when I opened her up, she really met my expectations.  Let's take a closer look at this very kind and lovely woman we call Harley Quinn.

  • Excellent costume design
  • New unique accessories made just for her
  • Some of the best face sculpts Mezco has ever done
  • Rocket launcher with missile effect
  • The suit bunches up around the top of her legs
  • Still on the terrible Mezco female body
  • Limited articulation in her arms and legs 
  • Stitching under her arm pits is an eyesore
  • QC issues with wrist pegs breaking 
Out of the box she looks excellent and has all the details of a great Harley Quinn.  Yes, you then realize its on the terrible female Mezco body and test out her articulation.  She doesn't have the best articulation, but it doesn't really stop this figure from looking great and holding things the way she should. The suit bunches between her legs, and she has these stitch balls on the side of her body that really stand out.  Once you get passed this, you see how excellent the face sculpts are. All of the head sculpts are superb and it makes it a tough choose which one to use. I love all of her accessories, the hand grenade is really cool along with the bomb and rocket launcher.  Her accessories really help fill out the look of her character and she really packs a punch. 
Her soft goods like the wraps around her wrists are fabric and very detailed. The neck wrap area is also soft goods and not plastic, it really helps add to her complete look. Another thing I was concerned with was how well she would stand, and she really doesn't have issues like previous female releases. 
Even though Harley is held back by her articulation, she's still an excellent figure and looks great on a DC shelf. Her costume is perfect and the soft goods details are very well done. She comes with new weapons that haven't been used on other characters and fit her personality perfectly. My suggestion is to buy her fast if you don't already have her, I think shes going to be a Mezco gem now and into the future. 

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