Monday, October 12, 2020

HIYA Toys Exquisite Mini's Predators Movie Figures Review

 HIYA Toys Exquisite Predators Movie Figures

I remember the first time I saw the trailer for "Predators" and it had me split. I really liked the plot of the movie and the idea of the Predators taking unique humans and hunting them on their own planet.  Upon watching the movie it was a little deflating with the choice of actors, and some of the human vs Predator battles, but it did give us fresh new designs of "Super" Predators.  So the movie wasn't the best but in the end the new designs caught people's attention and over the years a love has grown for the designs in the movie. I was very pleased to see HIYA was going to take on the challenge of this group and they did a great job executing.

  • Excellent Joints 
  • Great paint applications
  • Great detail for such small figures
  • Revamped approach to the Predator body from previous releases 
  • Not as many accessories as previous Predator figure releases
The Super Predators look much different from a lot of the previous Predator designs we have seen. I generally prefer the classic look of the Jungle Hunter or City Hunter, but also appreciate the expansion of the universe and the idea of so many Predator Clans.  The opening of the movie is excellent and has this disturbing feeling of being taken and dropped into an alien world you know nothing about is pretty awesome! The movie tends to have its ups and downs throughout but there are some really unique and different things called out throughout.  The references to so many other aliens species, and the Jungle Hunter tied up as a prisoner to the Super Predators blew my mind.  In the end it was a good not great movie but we got the Super Predator designs out of it. 

The three Super Predators Berzerker, Falconer, and Tracker all have distinct masks and upgraded looks. Hiya has done an excellent job of transferring that from the big screen into the exquisite figure size.  Each figure has sturdy joints with no issues of break, no having to heat up any parts of the figures to loosen them up either.  All three come with a skull accessory, Berzerker with a bloody skull and spine, Falconer and Tracker come with bone skulls of the original Predator, one with a closed mouth and the other with a open mouth.  The figures also come with 2 extra hands and a stand that looks great with the figures.  All three have a wrist blade that were a little bent out of the box, but they quickly regained normal shape once I opened them.  
There are a lot of companies making lots of different figures in different scales, and it can be hard for collectors to choose what they want to collect.  I personally used to collect the NECA Predators, but sold them all due to poor QC and articulation and they also took up a lot of space. The nice thing about the HIYA versions is they are a smaller scale with the same detail and articulation.  They are also around $10 cheaper then what NECA produces.  I'm able to display the HIYA figures in a smaller area and they look great and already come with a nice stand base.  The best part about the figures is the improvements HIYA has made since they started this mini line across multiple lines of characters.  The joints, hands, attachments are all a better quality from previous figure releases.  If you are a Predator fan, I would suggest to look closely at what HIYA is doing, with lots of great new things also coming in the future.  Let us know what you think and reach out to us here or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! 

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