Friday, October 16, 2020

HIYA Toys Exquisite Mini's Robocop 2 Figures review

 Hiya Toys Exquisite Robocop 2 Figures

Robocop 2 is set in Detroit in a not so distant future, and OCP is a evil corporation that is trying to make another version of the infamous Robocop.  This time hes battling a drug gang and the evil leader Kane who's a complete psycho.  I enjoyed the first and the second movie pretty equally with my favorite character ED-209 getting chances to steal the show.  Hiya has taken the Robocop 2 character and shrunk him down into a 4" highly detailed figure.  If you have watched the movie you realize that Robocop takes a beating and Hiya also offered us a battle damaged version that is pretty spot on.  Let's jump into my review and see how the exquisite minis stand up to the look and feel of Robocop 2. 

  • Highly detailed Robocop suit
  • Excellent battle damaged body look 
  • Detailed figured stand 
  • Accurate Beretta 93R
  • Loose knee joint on the clean version
  • Battle damaged version came with two of the same right hands and no left hand
I cracked open both versions at the same time so I could compare them together.  I really wanted to compare the differences in quality and paint applications between the two versions.  The packaging for the figures is excellent, and may be my favorite that Hiya has produced to date. Looking over both versions they are similar with the battle damage version having body variations on the chest and head.  I worked the joints pretty well and the elbows and knees are single jointed.  The clean version of Robocop has a loose left knee but it really doesn't hinder the figure.  The figures are highly detailed including his Beretta 93R and the Kane skull accessory.  
I had no issues posing him, or swapping out hands and accessories as they're all made well.  I have other versions in different scales and Hiya does a good job of staying true to the movie look.  He doesn't have the gun holster in his leg, but at this scale I think it makes sense to not have it. He does have some limited articulation but I was still able to get him in some good poses for the scale size. 
I really like Robocop, and still watch the movies any time they come on TV.  I enjoyed playing and posing both versions trying to stretch them to the limit.  I can say for the scale its pretty well executed by Hiya but I could see some slight improvements being made in the articulation.  I do wish he came with another set of hands, as only one left handed hand feels like something is missing. The street diorama type stands work perfectly and connect to other Hiya figure line stands flawlessly. If you're a Robocop fan and collect this scale of figures I would recommend picking him up. I think he looks great displayed in package or opened and posed with your other collectibles.  Please let us know what you think in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram. 

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