Monday, January 28, 2019

Mezco Toyz One:12 Iron Man Figure Review

Mezco Toyz One:12 Iron Man 
Iron Man is easily one of Marvel's most popular characters at this given moment in time. Much of that is due to the Iron Man and Avengers films. Tony Stark is one cocky mofo, but he has the tech and the suit to back it up. Iron Man was a highly anticipated figure for us. He is unique in that the One:12 line prides itself on its soft goods, but this figure doesn't have any soft goods. With that said, they make up for that by making an extremely sturdy action made with metal parts, light up features, and lots of accessories.

  • Metal suit is high quality, extremely sturdy, hand painted, very detailed
  • Removable magnetic face mask which shows the face of Tony Stark
  • Huge assortment of weapons and extras
    • Light-up Chest Arc Reactor
    • Two Repulsor Beams
    • Two Gauntlet Rockets
    • Rocket Firing Hip Disks
    • Hand and Feet Boosters
  • Perfectly in scale with other One:12 figures
  • Six different hands
  • Some people have stated it can be difficult to remove the face place although we did not have any problems doing so
We have already reviewed the Armor 42 edition of Iron Man in the past, but this time we take a look at the classic looking armor. As stated before this figure is unique in that it uses metal parts rather than soft goods like all of the other figures in the One: 12 line. The suit armor is larger than a normal Mezco body which shows great scale as this is a suit than can be worn by a human.  The articulation is great in the shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, and he can easily hold a large number of poses.

Iron Man's different armors allow him to have lots of extras to take out the bad guys. Mezco was very creative and gave him a lot of goodies.  I am extremely happy with the overall construction of this figure. When you hold this in your hands you can just tell this is a top notch piece.
Just like the 42 Armor Edition of Iron Man this release did not disappoint. We are still huge fans of the metal pieces and light up feature.  It is a very fun figure to pose, play with, and photograph. The two descriptors that come to mind when I think of this figure are sturdy and high quality. You certainly get your money's worth with this one. If you haven't already gotten this then I recommend getting on the waiting list or checking around on third party websites. He is worth it!

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