Thursday, February 22, 2018

NY Toy Fair 2018: NECA TOYS

NECA TOYS 2018 NY Toy Fair Walkthrough
For the fourth year in a row we had the pleasure of touring the NECA Toys booth at NY Toy Fair. This year Summer Mullins, Public Relations and Marketing Director, was kind enough to take time out of her busy day to show us around and talk about their upcoming products with us.

NECA had a lot of goodies to be excited about. Some that stand out are the IT figures, new Ultimate Gremlin, the 1/4 scale Jason, the Part 2 Ultimate Jason, Kenner Apone, Arcade Predators and two pack, as well as the Golden Angel Ultimate Elder! Something totally new was the street dio piece that will be sold. Since it's a street scene that means it's very versatile. It could be used for NECA figures or even Marvel Legends, DC, or whatever is your favorite line in that scale.

All of this is only for the first half of the year. Just wait until SDCC to see what else NECA has in store for us in the future!!!!! 

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