Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2018 Mezco Toy Fair Exclusive Ascending Knight Batman

Mezco Toyz Toy Fair Exclusive
Ascending Knight Batman I really like this Batman.  Mezco's Toy Fair Exclusive Ascending Knight is already a hit with anyone that loves Mezco and Batman.  There has been a lot of talk around the variances with this version and if it will end up being the best one of the Ascending Knights.  I, personally, think it will be close as Mezco is coming out with some really strong suits in this category.  Let's take a closer look at Mezco's New York Toy Fair Exclusive Batman.

  • Two highly detailed head portraits 
  • Seven different hands
  • Spandex outfit and body armor have excellent detail
  • Exclusive blacked out utility belt
  • Grappling Gun with multiple attachments
  • Six Batarangs
  • Unique heavy assault Batarang
  • Tranquilizer dart wrist crossbow
  • After extensive review I have no complaints about this figure
The quality of each figure that we get from Mezco just keeps getting better.  They try different materials on different figures to see what fits the look of each character the best.  I enjoy this process and seeing the updates Mezco provides for each figure they are working on.  This Batman is no exception. It has tons of details and is loaded with gadgets. It's a winner.
The suit is so clean and detailed with a completely blacked out look.  I am impressed with how much I like this look as I generally prefer to see some royal blue on his uniform.  The chest symbol and belt give off a little shine, just enough to add that perfect depth to Batman.  The ears are longer on his mask and the Bruce Wayne head sculpt is a nice added touch.
As I pointed out in my Pro's section, this Batman is loaded with accessories. I really enjoy a lot of accessories with a figure, and Mezco made sure this Bat has everything he needs. I think my favorite part out of all the accessories are the small Batarangs.  They are highly detailed and a lot of fun to use when posing him. His cape is a pleather type material that spreads out very far.  Mezco included a cape clip for this. That really extends how much you can do with the cape.
I know it's an Exclusive and will be very hard to get, but it's still an awesome figure.  It's great Mezco is doing so many different versions of Batman. He's up there on my all time character list.  This all blacked out version captures some of the Batman drawings I would do as a kid.  The products Mezco is putting out are quickly becoming some of my favorite things I own.  Keep an eye out for more Mezco news here or on Twitter and Instagram.

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