Wednesday, February 21, 2018

NY Toy Fair 2018: Mezco Toyz

Mezco Toyz 2018 Toy Fair Press Event
This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the media event for Mezco Toyz at New York Toy Fair 2018.  They had all kinds of new surprises in store for us. The One:12 line has easily become one of our personal favorite lines to collect. These are super high quality 1:12 scale action figures with cloth goods and tons of accessories. Essentially they remind us of mini Hot Toys, maybe even better.

Leading up to Toy Fair Mezco put up some teasers that had some clues as to which toys were to come. We were already excited to learn about the Sovereign Knight Batman they have planned and totally blown away by the John Wick announcement. At the event we learned that Mezco held back quite a few goodies. Some of those include One:12 figures of John Stewart Green Lantern, comics version of Blade, Cable, Cyclops, Jason Voorhees, Netflix Punisher as well as two versions of Netflix Daredevil, Black Panther, Hela, and literally the biggest surprise of them all...KING KONG!!! He will be coming out in both a 1/12 scale figure as well as an 18" figure.

Whew!!!! That's a lot of goodness (not to mention all of the other figures they are working on but aren't yet released). Mezco is doing an excellent job of capturing diverse licenses. They literally have something for everybody. Michael Myers, John Wick, and King Kong are some examples of figures fans have been dying to have. Mezco heard those pleas and answered.

Mezco also has some very detailed releases coming out for their Mega Scale Figure line.  We were able to get an up close look at these realistic figures! The line is continuing with Chucky, The Exorcist, and Jason and really catch the characters look. Just like in the 1:12 scale, these Mega Scale figures come with fabric details head to toe to give that realistic look.  

Pierre Kalenzaga, Project Manager at Mezco Toyz, was kind enough to spend lots of time talking to us about the new items they had on display as well answer any questions that we had. (Come to find out he is a huge GI JOE like us...YO JOE!) 

Mezco is pure class. Everyone there was helpful and accommodating. Before we left they gave out goody bags to all members of the media who were in attendance for the event. We were amazed when we looked inside and saw a special blacked out Toy Fair exclusive of the Ascending Knight Batman figure along with some other great Mezco swag! This version of Batman is amazing! We will definitely devote an entire review just for this figure, but we will give you a couple sneaks peaks.


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