Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mezco Toyz One:12 DC Deathstroke Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Deathstroke
Deathstroke the assassin has been around since 1980, and a lot of people describe him as DC's version of Marvel's Deadpool. Over time, Deathstroke has taken on the Teen Titans, Batman and Green Arrow with his story always evolving.  Deathstroke was originally introduced as the Terminator, taking contracts and eliminating targets.  He was chosen for a secret military experiment that gave him enhanced abilities he would later put to use. Deathstroke has the strength of ten men, and also has the ability to use up to 90% of his brain power.  Considering these two things alone, Deathstroke has a strong advantage against you.
 Let's take a closer look at this superhuman Terminator and see how well Mezco did.

  • Two highly detailed head portraits
  • Body with over 30 points of articulation 
  • Realistically detailed and accurate armor
  • Highly detailed machine gun, hand gun, and sword with sheath
  • Leg holster for hand gun
  • Armor hinders full articulation when posing the figure
  • Hand pegs are very loose and struggle to handle dynamic posing
 Deathstroke comes in the new standard Mezco box packaging that no longer includes artwork on the inside of the box. On the back of the box includes a nice look at the accessories he comes with and some cool action shots. Mezco continues to make sure their figures are placed in strong, unique packing that we all love.
Deathstroke is a very cool character to me. He carries the name Terminator with his distinct blue and orange markings. I really like the paint scheme on this figure and the details Mezco made sure to hit when creating him.  The weapons all look realistic and capture the exact look of what Deathstroke usually arms himself with.  While his articulation is a little limited with his armor, he still can be posed in some really nice dynamic poses.

The two head portraits have great details and really specific paint applications to capture different looks.  The sword sheath is a separate piece that can be taken on and off depending on the look you desire. I will say while taking pictures and posing his hands would fall off a lot. The hands and pegs are not defective, however they just have limited articulation.
I remember the first time I saw Deathstroke at ToyFair  I knew right away it was one I wanted!  There's only been a small handful of Deathstroke figures over the years that I thought were worth buying, and this was one of them. He really looks awesome in hand with excellent paint applications and dead on details.  Overall I am very happy with the figure, and I am glad to add him to my Mezco collection.  If you can get your hands on him you won't be disappointed.
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