Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mezco Toyz One:12 Marvel Wolverine Figure Review (Standard/Brown)

Mezco Toyz Wolverine (Standard/Brown)
Fresh on the heels of the NYCC Exclusive Tiger Stripe Wolverine comes the standard brown version which is based on the 80's comic book art of him which made its first appearance in the UNCANNY X-MEN. As you know from my last Wolverine review he is by far my favorite super hero. I am happy to get another chance to get him in hand to play with, pose, and photograph. Let's take a look!
  • Two head portraits (regular masked and angry masked)
  • Muramasa blade katana
  • Over 30 points of articulation
  • Six interchangeable hands (clawed fists, gripping hands, left fist, right sword holding hand)
  • Excellent paint and soft goods
  • Less accessories than the Tiger Stripe version (one less pair of hands and one less head sculpt)
  • Some of the silver paint from claws bled slightly onto the brown gloves
 Wolverine comes in the new standard Mezco collector friendly box packaging. Mezco has changed it up a bit and started using smaller boxes for their exclusive figures, but I think the boxes look great. 
In my Tiger Stripe review I told you this is by far the best Wolverine figure that has been made in this scale.  Well, putting costume scheme preferences aside I think this actual figure is even better than the NYCC version. One common complaint people had about the NYCC version was the lack of fabric pants in the groin area, bunching, and problems with the stitching. Mezco fixed that entirely on this figure. This Wolverine has fabric pants that are sturdier and have a high quality look. They also changed up the look of his shoulders pads which I think look pretty cool. In fact, his shoulder pads, boots, and utility belt all look fantastic.
While the Tiger Stripe costume is probably my definitive Wolverine costume (ever so slightly due to my age and the X-Men The Animated Series tv show) the brown costume is the definitive costume for my brother who is ten years older than myself. He was the first person to get me into comic books, especially Wolverine and the X-Men. Both costumes are extremely important and represent some of the best eras of comics for the character of Wolverine. Since Wolverine is my favorite super hero it was a no brainer that I was going to get this. I am extremely pleased with it. I encourage those who have not gotten it yet to head on over to Mezco and get it before it sells out!

And now we wait for the PX X-Force edition...
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