Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Drone Custom Figures: Franks Mask Review

Franks Mask
by Drone Custom Figures
If you follow us you probably already know my all time favorite character is Frank Castle.  I am pretty active on Instagram, and I have been following Drone Customs out of the UK.  He started out casting heads for Batman and has quickly grown into other areas for custom pieces.  His main focus at the moment is Mezco head sculpts, and I couldn't pass on his version of Frank's Mask!

  • Drone has skills on par with all the high end companies
  • Head sculpt is highly detailed
  • Head cast is a great scale for Mezco One:12
  • The paint applications are absolutely fantastic
Custom items, especially head casts, can very easily have even the slightest issue and it ruins the entire thing.  This is the best custom head sculpt I have ever bought in any scale. The eyes are spaced correctly and the mask has the grooves to it like an actual balaclava.
Paint Apps
I don't have the best custom skills, but before buying this I tried to make my own balaclava.  I was highly disappointed with the result, especially the paint applications I did. Not long after trying it myself I found Drone Customs head cast and didn't hesitate to buy it. The white skull paint applications are so clean.  I have no idea how he is able to get it to look so good.  The eye detail on the mask might be even better than some of the heads Mezco has produced.
Man, I love the Punisher and everything about him. If I missed out on this custom limited run head cast I would of been extremely disappointed.  Drone Customs is really making some of the best stuff I have seen lately.  He's also a great person to interact with and handles his business very well.   We recently had a long conversation and he has more things in the works! With all of his items done in a limited run make sure you're not to slow to pull the trigger!

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