Monday, December 19, 2016

NECA TOYS Ultimate T-1000 Motorcycle Cop Terminator

NECA Ultimate T-1000 Motorcycle Cop
Over the past year NECA has been providing us with a large list of "Ultimate" figures from all of our favorite movies, games, and toy lines.  Years ago NECA created a line from the T2 movie based off the many different looks of the characters throughout the movie.  So far we have the Ultimate T-800, Sarah Connor and T-1000, and now we have the T-1000 Motorcycle Cop! Each Ultimate figure NECA provides is absolutely loaded with weapons and extra parts to provide many different looks.  The T-1000 motorcycle cop is no exception and provides his classic look along with the MP-5 I have been waiting for!

  • 3 excellent updated face sculpts including the Motorcycle cop helmet
  • New accessories added including the MP-5 and the sword blade arm 
  • The uniform is spot on from the look in the movie right down to the boots
  • John Connor child photo included 
  • The motorcycle helmet head is limited in movement looking up

The Motorcycle Cop T-1000 comes in the Ultimate window box packaging format.  This style of packaging has become a huge hit with collectors, especially the ones that keep figures mint in box.  It provides some excellent shots and poses of what the figure has the potential to do.  Hard not to walk into a store and see how distinctly different this packaging is from most action figures being sold.
First of all, this is not just the same T-1000 with a different head that comes with him.  His uniform is completely different from top to bottom.  He has the motorcycle boots with the police jacket that provide a very nice change of pace from the other Ultimate T-1000.  He also includes 2 new head sculpts, a different blade sculpt that is similar to the "Milk Carton" scene, and my favorite the MP-5 from the movie. The Motorcycle helmet is definitely my favorite look for this figure, and the gold rimmed aviator sunglasses go perfectly with it.
I already have all of the other T2 Ultimate figures, and this one is a must have.  I love everything NECA continues to put out for the Terminator franchise.  This T-1000 really helps complete my shelf of Terminators as I think this look is just as iconic as his regular cop uniform.  It provides a lot of unique poses and a whole lot of play time fun any time you are working with the figure.  Great paint details, awesome extras, all at an outstanding price.  Add this work of art, and iconic character to your collection today!
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  1. This is a rough looking figure. The sculpt and paint application just looks bad. I definitely wouldn't call this a work of art

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