Friday, December 16, 2016

NECA TOYS Kenner Aliens Queen Facehugger

Kenner Aliens Queen Facehugger 
NECA toys is really starting to go deep into our childhood toys in a great way.  In the 90's the Kenner Aliens, Predators, and Marines line was a huge hit and provided a ton of unique looks to these characters.  One of the craziest ones was the Alien Queen Facehugger that was a larger, uglier, creepier version of a regular Facehugger.  Based off of the Kenner storyline the Queen Facehugger can't plant Alien larva into a host but is there to defend the Queen eggs and sometimes uses its tail and legs to help hold down a host.  One of the things about the large Queen Facehugger, like other facehuggers, is it reminds me of a nasty spider, and I hate spiders…

  • Completely new sculpt
  • Great red and black paint applications to bring out the creepy look
  • Each leg on the QFH has a joint to move the leg to the left or right
  • The tail is bendable and flexible allowing for more poses
  • Comes with a mini comic as a homage to Kenner 
  • The QFH comes in 2 different sizes equally as creepy
    •    1 in scale with your 7" figures
    •    1 that is the same scale as a normal sized 7" figure
  • The QFH legs are small and could break if you are not careful 
  • Can be hard to hold a pose using the tail


Ever since Randy showed a test shot of the Queen Facehugger on Twitter I knew this was a figure I wanted.  As I said before, I hate spiders and even holding it and playing with it still gave it a spider feeling but it was cool!  To think a sculpted piece of art would freak me out so much that it took me a minute to get used to it.  The larger figure is great for posing with other figure lines like Godzilla as it looks like a monster he would take on.  The smaller version allows you to use with your 7" NECA figures or other figure lines to give a little added dark and craziness to your shelf's.  

After seeing the initial mold of the Queen Facehugger and where it has progressed to the product now in my hands I am very happy.  The fact that NECA included 2 different scale versions is another way to show how they really know what us collectors want.   The color scheme goes very well with the vintage look of the Kenner line, and the great thing is we will continue to get more figures from the Kenner era.  If you are an Aliens collector you are going to want to pick up this very cool Queen Facehugger. It really stands out as one of the more unique things NECA has recently done.  
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  1. you got some good there, i wish i still had my kenner aliens toys from 90's i miss them