Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Exclusive Rumble Society Local 112 Union Gomez Review

  Mezco Toyz Rumble Society 112 Union Gomez

So far 2022 has been a little lighter then usual for Mezco Toyz release's but we have still received some nice figures.  The latest in the Rumble Society line of original Mezco figures is the 112 Union Gomez. Mezco released Union Gomez without any insight he was coming and there was a lot of opinions on the figure and overall Mezco releases in 2022.  Collectors are concerned we are waiting on so many older preorders, while the Rumble Society figures keep coming out. This isn't a issue to me, but can understand if some collectors are frustrated with the delays. Union Gomez is another unique original character that has lots of appeal and accessories but seems slightly bland at the same time.  I'm really excited to finally have this figure in hand and give you my opinion on how well Mezco did with this version of Gomez. 

  • Excellent soft goods outfit from top to bottom
  • Hard hat and Welders mask
  • Useable tool belt that holds the metal tools he comes with 
  • Real metal assortment of tools 
  • Welding torch with box and effects
  • Grub with hard hat and sledge hammer
  • Gomez only comes with one head portrait 
The latest Gomez release is unique and different from a lot of the original Mezco figures we have received in the past.  The soft goods outfit is excellent quality and there's attention to detail on every piece. The added tool belt he comes with adds to the look and allows him to store his tools right on the belt for easy access. 
The tools are all metal and really add to the look and feel they present straight out of the box. There's places on the soft goods and tool belt to store them as you desire.  The working gloves are an excellent touch to his look and they are great quality.  The hands are soft with great detail and allow him to hold his tools with ease. The welder torch and effects are excellent and one of my favorite parts of this set.  The swapping of the hard hat and welders mask is simple and they are both highly detailed. 

The Union Gomez is a welcome addition to the Rumble Society and adds to the story of Mezco's original characters.  He fits as a mechanic, or welder, or plumber, whatever needs to be fixed, Union Gomez is up for the job. The soft goods and the tools are the stars of this set, as I can see him being used in all types of displays and toy photography.  If you missed him and looking to get him, Mezco still has him on the wait list so it's possible more are made and released.

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