Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Exclusive Rumble Society Captain Nemo Review

  Mezco Toyz Rumble Society Captain Nemo

Mezco continues to produce its own unique characters and Captain Nemo is the next in line.  I wasn't sure about Nemo when I first saw the announcement, but I quickly came around when I saw how loaded he was with accessories.  In hand, I really like the head portraits and the immense amount of detail that went into the character and his weapons.  You get the impression Nemo is the King of the seas and he's taken on so many crazy tasks and continues to come out on top!  Now let's take a closer look at the King of the Rumble Society seas and see how well Mezco did!

  • Two highly detailed head portraits 
  • Eight interchangeable hands 
  • Loaded with unique accessories
  • Captain Cap
  • Captain Cloak
  • Shark Jaw Trophy
  • Collapsible Spyglass
  • The stitching on the pleather is very tight out of the box which leads me to believe dynamic posing will cause issues down the road with his soft goods. 

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I finally received Captain Nemo in hand, but overall I was pretty happy.  The soft goods are detailed but also showed some concerns out of the box that I listed above.  The paint applications to the head portraits and accessories are absolutely top notch.  I always tend to look at the head portraits first as I believe that sets the bar for the rest of the figure. After looking over the head portraits I examined all the paint apps from the boots up and its just flat out impressive.  The weapons and accessories pop with excellent colors and are also something new and unique we haven't received with previous Mezco releases. 
The Rumble Society has taken some flak from fans, as it seems Mezco has been pushing back core DC and Marvel characters where their original figures seem to always be readily available. I'm a patient man, and actually like the fact that we are getting a mix of classic characters as well as Mezco's own line of unique characters.  Nemo may be the best Rumble Society figure they have released to date, just due to the sheer beauty, time and effort that went into creating this figure.  
In the near future we will also be getting an add on package as well as Nemo's crew set that looks equally as nice.  I've preordered both and hope we get them sooner rather then later.  Once they hit be on the lookout here as I hope I will get a chance to review them. 
Nemo is a unique character and as a bonus Mezco is producing a crew that you were able to recently preorder that ties in really well with him.  I'm a little disappointed in the seams but also understand that soft goods sometimes can be a little finicky and we just have to understand it's not a $20 plastic figure.  I think he' will look great with Baron Bends and Aquaman, and a welcome addition to anyone's Mezco collection. Please let us know if you picked him up, and how you feel about him in the comments below!
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