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Mix Max 1:12 Stab of the Hades Figure Review

Mix Max 1:12 Stab of the Hades Figure Review 

I've anxiously been waiting to get this Stab of the Hades figure in hand to see how it compares to other 1:12 lines and it doesn't disappoint! Out of the box the figure just pops and has that sharp Deathstroke look that we've all grown to love. I've followed Deathstroke through the DC Comics Universe where he's had a few different looks so its really a matter of opinion which you prefer. Since I like almost all of his looks this one doesn't disappoint me at all. Let's take a closer look at this new figure and how it compares to Mezco and other Deathstroke releases. 

  • 3 Head portraits
  • Half skull head portrait is amazing
  • Highly detailed armor and paint apps
  • Loaded with iconic Deathstroke weapons
  • Nice mix of soft goods and armor 
  • No ab crunch
  • Hands are a little soft so takes some work to get him to hold the weapons just right
  • Slightly taller compared to Mezco scaled figures
  • Unmasked head portrait has a really bad seam ear to ear
Out of the box, he looks like a work of art!  Every aspect of the figure looks sharp and detailed and loaded with weapons. I love that he comes with 3 head sculpts but the half skull is by far the gem of the entire figure to me!  Even though he is a tad taller than Mezco scale, he's still an excellent figure on his own.  He's loaded with all of his unique weapons and I love them all! Nothing on him is fragile, but his hands are a little rubbery and takes a little time to figure them out with the weapons. 
 I was a little disappointed he doesn't come with an ab crunch, and the unmasked head portrait has a really bad seam line across the head from ear to ear that really looks bad.  He poses well but you won't get a lot of really dynamic poses due to his armor and and no ab crunch. The figure is extremely photogenic and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of him in my city diorama.  
I was pleasantly surprised from the time I opened it, to the point where I wrapped taking pictures and wrote this review.  I really like this figure as he stands out from a lot of figures I already own and hope other companies up their game to compete with this awesome finished look.  He does come with some flaws, but they are small compared to the overall figure. If you are looking to get him, you will most likely have to order from eBay and have it shipped from overseas. There are a few websites from the US that do offer him for preorder but you will mostly likely wait longer. If you do he's 100% worth the wait, and will be an excellent addition to your collection!  
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