Thursday, June 9, 2022

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Exclusive Batman vs Two-Face 2 Pack Review

Mezco Toyz Batman vs Two Face 2 Pack

Mezco does it again with another Batman and Two Face! Over the past few years many Mezco customers feel there's been to much focus on Batman, but I'm not one of those collectors and I really enjoy what this 2-pack comes with and the throwback feel to the figures.  If you've followed the Batman comics for a long time then you are going to enjoy this set.  The artwork on the boxes is excellent and really matches what Mezco has put together in figure form. Let's take a closer look at this 2-pack and everything it comes with. 

  • Excellent soft goods on both figures 
  • Brand new outfits
  • Great articulation
  • Large assortment of face sculpts
  • Classic accessories 
  • Batman's short briefs are a little off 
  • Lack of weapons for Two Face  
Batman Figure
I'm a huge Batman fan that goes way back to the classic comics and the original tv show.  I've always preferred the light blue and yellow belt look on Batman and this version nails it.  The head sculpts are plenty and really offer a comic book look to them over past Mezco releases.  I can't decide out of the 5 heads which one is my favorite and remain on my figure.  The accessories are well done and I absolutely love the comic book feel to them. He comes on a different style body which I think resembles the Christopher Reeves Superman figure, but it looks great on Batman. 

Two Face Figure 
The comic version of Two Face really rivals the black and red modern Two Face release last year.  I really enjoy both equally for different reasons, but the classic totally nails the comic look.  He comes with 3 different heads that are really well done, with great paint applications. The suit is heavy on style and even the shows have an alternate color.  My favorite part of the figure is the green scared head sculpts they even look great on the modern Two Face! He also includes a suit case with a molded bomb inside along with knives and coin flipping accessories. The lack of guns is really the only problem with the figure but the DC protest against guns may have impacted why he didn't come with any.  Mezco did release the Double Trouble weapons pack on the same day most likely to supplement the lack of weapons he comes with. 

The hype is real and this 2-pack truly met my expectations.  I really enjoy both figures equally and hope that Mezco expands on the throw back look for more DC characters. Mezco gives us so many options with their figures it's almost like you need to buy two of each to make use of all of them.
Please let us know if you picked him up, and how you feel about him in the comments below!

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