Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mezco Toyz One:12 Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Suicide Squad Harley Quinn
I will start this off by saying I really wasn't a fan of the Suicide Squad movie and how the characters were portrayed.  Harley Quinn was probably the most amusing and interesting character in the movie although I thought her costume/look was off from the comics.  Harley is one character that can pretty much wear any outfit and still be considered Harley in the DC Universe, and Mezco does a good job of translating that into figure form. Mezco packs a lot of detail into their first female figure. Let's take a closer look. 
  • Three excellent and unique face sculpts
  • Five interchangeable hands
  • Over 30 points of articulation
  • Nice set of accessories; Choke collar, bracelets, studded belt
  • Harness underarm holster for her revolver
  • Highly detailed baseball bat
  • Her shorts along with her belt are tough to work with when posing
 Harley comes in the new standard Mezco box packaging that no longer includes artwork on the inside of the box. The last few figures I have received are either the very small NYCC/SDCC boxes or the now standard boxes like Harley comes in.  Mezco still includes artwork where it can on the box, and I generally store mine anyway.  The most important thing is they are still well made and support the figures very well.
Harley is the first female figure Mezco has produced, and I was very interested to see what the end result would be.  It turns out that the quality is spot on just like previous 1:12 figures they have released.  I was impressed with how well they did with the three different face sculpts she comes with.  They are durable and I don't feel like anything would break off while trying to swap heads.  Her ponytails can be posed and removed from her head. She is also highly detailed from head to toe with plenty of accessories that hit that movie look they were going for.  Her heels are sturdy, and her joints move well with lots of articulation. She comes with four bracelets that are able to be removed when you want to put on her jacket.
The approach Mezco took to this figure is in line with all the figures they have been making.  She is highly detailed and posable with lots to like. The three different face sculpts really seal the deal to how cool and accurate this figure truly is.  I am happy that I was able to grab her and add her to my ever growing Mezco collection.  If you are looking to pick her up I would suggest looking on eBay, Amazon or your local comic shop.  
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