Friday, September 25, 2015

NECA TRU Exclusive Aliens vs Predator 2 Pack Review

Aliens vs Predator 2 Pack

In the 90's, toys were really starting to come off the tracks with design and colors.  This is the same time that Kenner was producing the Aliens vs Predator line that had cool ideas but not exactly perfect figures.  I always felt for some reason the Kenner Aliens were better overall compared to their Predator counterparts.  There was just something about the Predator size and articulation with the figures that made them not look like the Predator we knew from the big screen and comics.  NECA has been successful in turning the tide with the Kenner lines and adding their own mark on these original figures.  Let's take a closer look at what may be the best 2-pack NECA has ever produced. Are you an Aliens or Predator person….you decide!


The clam shell packaging should look familiar to any that have seen the previous 2-packs NECA has released.  The art draws right into the Kenner feel, and the packaging itself allows you to see both Predator heads along with his weapons.  The Xeno Beast needs no introduction. He has a jet black skull cover to give you a different look than any other Xeno you have today. The back of the packaging is a great throw back to the original Kenner line. It shows us all the cool figures that have been produced as well as what's to come! 


Alien: The Alien is an extremely cool creature, but you don't really see how crazy the jet black on top looks until you are holding it in your hand!  He has great articulation just like previous Xenos and a little more unique color to fit in with the Kenner line. His mouth moves smoothly, along with the rest of his joints...I was pretty rough on him while taking my pictures.  As far as quality goes this may be the best quality Alien NECA has released to date.

Predator: The attention to detail on this figure is noticeable.  Just like the Xeno, it has a unique paint scheme to match the original Kenner 2-pack.  He comes with 2 heads (one with a brown mask and an unmasked version with his mouth closed).  He also includes some awesome accessories which can be used for any predator. It has a repainted version of the Renegade's staff and gun.

It's very hard to choose which figure I like better. I am leaning towards the Predator  because I have always loved Predator. His paint scheme and brown mask really catch my eye, and you can't go wrong with 2 different heads.  THANK YOU NECA!


Another great thing that comes with this 2-pack is an exclusive 16 page Dark Horse comic book that is a great read.  Also included, as I mentioned before, are the 2 Predator heads, Predator gun, and Predator staff to round out your figure.


I have always loved the 2-packs NECA has put out for its fans because you generally only want one of the two figures in any toy line 2-pack, but that isn't the case with NECA.  The Alien and Predator figure are great additions to my growing NECA collection and a must have for anyone who loved the original Kenner figures. Let us know what you think of the figures and where they stack up in your mind.  Thanks for reading!

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