Wednesday, September 16, 2015

NECA TOYS Retro NES Nightmare on Elm Street Figure Review

Toys R Us Exclusive NECA TOYS Retro NES Freddy

For those of you who follow Randy Falk on Twitter, you know that he has many "surprises" in store for us fans over the next few months. One of them recently came out and it is the Retro NES Nightmare on Elm Street Figure exclusive to Toys R Us. The response to this guy has been amazing. Fans were certainly hyped to hear this news. They now have a retro NES Freddy to go with their retro NES Jason's!!!!! Ya can't have one without the other!

I hope everyone who wanted one was able to snag one. According to friends on Twitter, it sounds like scalpers are having a field day with this one...some asking as much as $75. Of course, scalpers are scum and take the fun out of collecting, but that is a tale for another day.

One of the funnest things about the retro line is the packaging. It comes in collector friendly, re-seable packaging. This is great for those who like to take their figures out of the boxes (such as myself). What fun is it to leave them trapped in the box? 

The best part of the retro line's packaging is, by far, the unique card art that comes with each figure. It is ALMOST as cool as the figure. I plan to make a collage of sorts with all of the ones that I own. The Snake Plissken one is one of my personal favorites.


Like all the others in the retro line, Freddy comes with cloth material for his clothing. I love the original 7" figure a ton, but having him in this form is super fun. There's just something about having a Freddy with an actual torn sweater that makes him complete. He comes in the original NES colors, with a removable hat, and his signature razor glove.


I always have fun posing and photographing NECA's figures, and this one was no exception. Shooting pictures of him outside was the most fun. He has great articulation and was able to pose him in many different ways. The use of actual cloth materials for his clothing adds an additional dimension to him. It really makes him pop as I love the contrast between his bright colors and the gloomy, darker backgrounds I used him with outside.

If you are a completionist who must have every Freddy, every retro, or every VGA figure then this is definitely a must have figure for you. Even if you are not this figure is ridiculously fun. I hope you were able to snag one on from Toys R Us. If not, just be patient. DON'T FEED THE SCALPERS!!!

Sample provided by NECA TOYS

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