Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NECA TOYS Ultimate T-800 T2 Figure Review

Ultimate T-800

The iconic T-800 may be the best character ever made! How many one liners have you spun off from this movie since you first watched it in 1991?  I can remember watching this movie with my family, 10 years old at the time and the scene where the step dad (Todd) takes the sword arm through the milk carton and his head.  My mother immediately said I was done watching Rated R movies. I laughed and so did my dad, because that was one of our favorite things to do.  Why do I mention this you ask? Because this figure brings me the same joy and mild snickers I had as a kid watching the movie.

How many times have toy companies tried to make figures based off of this movie alone?  There has been some really horrible versions of this figure made. Even the better ones just didn't have the articulation we were all looking for.  Finally, NECA has brought us a T-800 that not only meets these expectations, but he is the ultimate version coming with everything your T-800 needs!


Each time we review a figure from NECA the packaging always stands out.  With the window packaging, it allows us to enjoy different shots that NECA has taken of the figure as well as give you an idea of all of the great things this figure comes with. The packaging is always something that you must keep when you buy these figures from NECA.  


Some of you may own older versions of the different T-800's that were made by NECA years ago.  Nothing against these figures, but compared to the ultimate T-800 it's not even close.  The articulation alone on this figure is excellent, sturdy and really allows you to be rough with him while changing his look.  The details on all 3 heads are unique, and it's very tough to go for one look as they are all iconic. I am debating buying 2 more of these figures to have all 3 looks, I think you may consider the same thing once you have this figure!


The T-800 comes armed to the teeth with all the weapons he has from the movie.  He comes with his shotgun, pistol, grenade launcher, removable grenade chest belt, Mini-gun with ammo sack, and the 3 distinguishing heads.  With all of these options it's really hard to say which one I will go with.  Everyone loves the iconic mini-gun look but it's such a short part of the movie I may choose to arm him with his other accessories.  It's really good to have choices with so many parts to choose from, as this is what an ultimate figure version should be. I tried to take as many unique pictures as I could to give you the full scope of what this figure can achieve!


This figure is a must buy.... period!  Just take a look at it. Doesn't it remind you of so many awesome things?  He is perfect for your office, work desk, toy shelf, even a nice piece to have in your TV room sitting with all your DVD's or Blurays.  He has great articulation, large assortment of weapons, and 3 different heads to use. Let us know what you think of this fantastic figure!  NECA keeps improving the quality and approach to all of these iconic if we could only get an Ultimate RAMBO!

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