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NECA TOYS Commando 30th Anniversary Ultimate John Matrix Review

Ultimate COMMANDO John Matrix

*Cue the steel drums*

One of my most beloved and iconic movie characters, John Matrix of COMMANDO, has finally been brought to life in 7" action figure form. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the past NECA has brought us different figures based of Dutch from Predator and Arnold's T-800 from the Terminator series. They are very cool and are must haves for any Arnold fan. One thing I always wanted to have was a John Matrix figure. NECA has made me one happy customer, and went all out for this one by giving him the Ultimate treatment. Be forewarned: I eat toy reviews for breakfast. And right now, I'm very hungry! It's time for me to let off some steam. On a side note: I have to remind you readers, I'm typing this with my weak arm. Ok, enough with this macho bullshit!

- Tons of awesome weapons and accessories
- Accurate likeness
- Highly detailed (camo paint, tactical vest, weapons)

- Vest is not meant to be removed

Honestly, this figure is about as close to perfect as it gets. The vest does not really bother me because if you feel that strongly about it you can easily customize it and take it off. NECA even thought ahead  and made sure to have the camo on the body and torso as well for those of you who choose to do this.  I say BUY TWO. One with the vest and one without!


I could tell the figure had arrived even before I saw the delivery man. I was downwind after all. Since this is an Ultimate figure by NECA it comes in a glossy flapped window box (complete with velcro tab to keep that pesky flap closed when displaying the box). The front of the box is the classic image straight from the original movie poster. When you open the flap the left side features a picture of the figure posed and ready to kill anyone who is foolish enough to try and hurt his ice cream smashing daughter. The right side shows the figure inside the window box surrounded by his arsenal.


The figure itself is excellent. Schwarzenegger's likeness in the face is dead on accurate. He has camo paint on his face, arms, and even on the chest. NECA always pay close attention to all of the details...even the small ones. Also, not only is the face dead on, but so is the body. He is jacked just like Schwarzenegger should be! Of course, you would be pretty jacked too if you carried around big logs all day.

Since the vest is not removable I am going to count it as part of the body and not an accessory.  His tactical vest comes packed to the max. It has anything you would need to kill an army of South Americans who are protecting their leader (along with a chain mail clad mad man who happens to look eerily familiar to Freddy Mercury) who has kidnapped your daughter.

The vest comes with grenades, a knife sheath, shotgun shells, magazine pouches, and knives on the back of the vest. You need all of that when every ten seconds you are shooting a new gun!

Other than the vest Matrix is wearing the standard olive fatigue pants and gun holster for his Desert Eagle. Go big or go home!


NECA's Ultimate figures are all about the accessories, and this one is no exception! John Matrix is a one man army, and every army needs an arsenal.

His accessories are as follows:

- Bowie knife that fits into sheath
- Desert Eagle handgun
- M60E3 machine gun
- Valmet M78/83 machine
- M202A1 FLASH rocket launcher with removable launching rocket

If all else fails John Matrix can resort to using every day tools such as pitchforks, axes, and saw blades to take out his enemies!


I am extremely happy and thankful that NECA brought us a John Matrix COMMANDO figure. He comes with everything you could hope for. He has roughly 25 points of articulation, tight joints, and poses easily. He is fun as hell and photographs extremely well. This figure hits right me in the nostalgia bone.

With all of that said, you know what I like best? THE PRICE!

Remember when I told you I typed this with my weak arm? I lied.












Be sure to check out Fresh Figures to pick this figure up. They have great prices and quick shipping!

Thank you to NECA TOYS for sample product.

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