Friday, January 16, 2015

NECA Toys Escape from New York - Snake Plissken Review

Snake Plissken

"I thought you were dead?" Don't tell NECA toys that because he is alive and well! Snake is one of my all time favorite characters, and he looks spot on.  If you haven't watched the movie Escape From New York you should stop reading this and go watch the movie right now.  It's a gritty and imaginative movie that brought us an iconic character that is, arguably, one of the best ever.  He's not Rambo, Commando or even James Braddock...he's Snake Plissken the one eyed, bad ass! When Jon and I went to NECA studios 6 months ago I was patiently waiting for Randy to show us this figure. When I saw it, it went above and beyond my expectations...and that wasn't even the final product yet! Enough of my opinion, lets get to the details of this superb figure.


The packaging is perfect! NECA always gets it right when it comes to this which is because of their attention to detail. IMO, the cover art looks way cooler than the actual VHS cover of the movie. They did an excellent job of using Snake (decked out with his classic weapons) as well as adding the iconic skyline from the beginning of the movie. Also, the insert is an actual hard paper board that is sturdy and will look outstanding displayed behind your figure...if you choose to open it.


The face sculpt looks wonderful with the eye patch and five o'clock shadow.  His hair looks good as well, and his blue eye glows with anger. His torso is well made and very detailed. It includes the iconic snake on his stomach. His hands disconnect easily and snap back in snugly with no issues.  In order to remove his jacket you have to remove his hands, but that is done quite easily.  His legs and feet bend smoothly and are very easy to pose.


Most figures you buy generally do not come with clothing and are molded on to it.  I was never really interested in the clothed type figures until recently when I started buying some Sideshow figures.  This is where NECA adds another level to this figure...from head to toe. You can remove his leather jacket that has a stained weather look, and he has the sleeveless black shirt. His pants are the unique black/grey/white camo from the war.


Snake comes with an excellent assortment of weapons that everyone will remember from the "table" scene in  the movie. The MAC-10 is sweet with the ability to remove the silencer and also comes with a shoulder strap. The scoped pistol is nice and looks just like the one from the movie. It comes with a sweet holster as well.  The throwing star is unique, along with the wrist timer, and the emergency tracer.  These are great details that are not molded on but separate pieces to look more realistic. Again, NECA's attention to detail is stellar.


This is my favorite figure NECA has ever made.  Yes, I admit that I am biased to the character so maybe I am going a little nuts since NECA makes an insane amount of quality collectibles.  In my opinion, everyone needs at least two of these (opened/unopened). I am really hoping to find another one to keep MOC and to display because it's that nice! Please, enjoy the pics and spread the word about this wonderful work of art! Let us know what you think and if you have any questions about SNAKE. "The name's Plissken"

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