Monday, December 14, 2020

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Popeye & Bluto: Stormy Seas Ahead Deluxe Boxed Set

 Mezco Toyz Bluto and Popeye Set Review 

The Popeye story is a character that goes way back, so far back your parents know who the characters are.  He's a sailor who loves spinach always battling against Bluto is his arch-rival. Mezco has released two previous versions of Popeye about a year ago, but many were hoping we would eventually get a Bluto to go with him and Mezco hooked it up!  The box set is pretty much an ultimate set for both characters, coming with lots of iconic accessories and the unique look all Popeye fans love and adore. I was excited when I first saw the announcement of the set, and it's even better in hand. Mezco always brings the heat and this deluxe set nails these two characters perfectly. 

  • Popeye comes with 3 head sculpts that look excellent
  • Bluto comes with 2 head portraits that are well done
  • Soft goods on both figures are well done and fit well
  • Popeye is loaded with tons of accessories including some new items like his rain gear
  • Bluto's accessories are excellent sculpts, metal and fit his character perfectly 
  • Bluto's body has some limited articulation in the arms and legs
  • Popeye's raincoat hat is pretty flimsy
It's amazing that we now not only have another Popeye figure, but also an excellent rendition of Bluto.  The figures outfits match perfectly to the materials we all know and love from the Popeye lore.  Popeye doesn't have much variance from previous versions, hes more of a mixture of the first two figures with some cool added accessories.  Bluto being a brand new character comes in a new outfit from top to bottom, and I believe the body may either be new, or resembles the Hulk body Mezco has used in the past.  Bluto's accessories are a shiny piece of this set, the heavy metal wrench, kettlebell, and the awesome gaff hook.  When working with the figures Popeye had no issues and was able to stand in a lot of unique poses. I'm glad they added some more pieces to him and its not a simple reissue of previous Popeye's which was a concern of mine.  Bluto with the larger body has a harder time keeping unique poses and also is pretty heavy overall.  The legs and elbows are average and do allow for some cool poses, I just wish he had some more dynamic range for pose ability. 
So you're probably reading all this thinking I already have the first two Popeye's Mezco has released do I really need this set?  The answer is yes, its an excellent set and by far the best Popeye set offered to date by any company.  

The Popeye in the set is very close to previous releases, but is worth getting in this set due to the extras he comes with.  Bluto is the real gem of the set with it being the first time he was released, and has excellent soft goods from head to toe.  I really appreciate that his weapons are metal to add to the girth and of Bluto when you are holding him in your hand. If you are a Popeye fan and didn't get a chance to grab the first two releases, this deluxe box set is the one to get.  It's sold out but can still be found on the secondary market at a reasonable price.  

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