Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Black Bolt and Lockjaw Review

  Mezco Toyz Black Bolt and Lockjaw Review 

I have to admit, I'm not a huge Inhumans fan with the story line and characters but I wasn't going to miss out on getting Lockjaw! Black Bolt is the King of the Inhumans with many assorted powers mostly based off of his insanely loud voice.  The King can do damage to anything even with a few soft spoken words, this is power that we can only dream of.  Lockjaw is the protector of the Inhumans family, and has the ability to teleport across time and space and is a key part of the Inhumans. This set took a little longer than I expected to released, but once in hand it's awesome and Lockjaw is the crown jewel in this set.  Mezco keeps hitting us with great release after great release, its hard for all of us to keep up!

  • Blackbolt's suit is highly detailed with excellent articulation 
  • Blackbolt comes with two detailed head sculpts
  • Blackbolt's comes with the underarm wings and a sonic scream effect
  • Lockjaw lights up! His eyes and antenna
  • Lockjaw is heavy and made incredibly well and highly detailed
  • Lockjaw's body is a little limited with articulation 
If you are a fan of Inhumans you need to pick up this set! Out of the box this set is clean, sleek, and really well done.  Blackbolt's costume is spot on, with no articulation issues and his head sculpts are equally awesome.  When working with him he was easy to pose and the suit held up well in many poses.  There is a lack of accessories in this set, but I believe this is just the characters we are dealing with. One is the silent protector and the other is the King with a voice to die for. I really like the light up effects on Lockjaw, as this is usually something I can do with out when I buy figures.  The eyes look great, he's imposing with his size and the paint detail is practically perfect on him.  I love the weight of him, and he does have articulation in the legs that does allow for some different posing positions. 

As I stated above I'm not a huge Inhumans fan but I've always loved Lockjaw and he's the reason I bought the set.  Blackbolt was a pleasant surprise with an excellent suit and articulation and two incredible face sculpts I really like. When you look at the cost of the set and what comes with it, it's a great set at a great price that shouldn't be passed on. Mezco still has some in stock to pre-order if you're looking to pick this set up. 
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