Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Batman: MDX Supreme Knight: Shadow Edition Review

 Mezco Toyz Batman: MDX Supreme Knight Review 

Mezco has always crushed it when it comes to Batman, simply put the owner of Mezco Toyz is a die hard Batman fan so of course he gets the most attention.  Mezco has been closing out the trilogy with the Supreme Knight figures, and the MDX may have saved the best Batman release for last!  There are so many amazing things that come with this version, which I essentially consider an 'Ultimate" Mezco Batman.  I was excited to take him out of the box and look at all of the wonderful things he comes with. Let's take a closer look at this jam packed Batman and see if he lives up to the hype!

  • Excellent suit and articulation 
  • Ability to swap emblems
  • Huge assortment of accessories 
  • Ability to swap capes one with metal wire
  • Maybe the best Batman Mezco has ever made 
  • Suit material could quickly deteriorate 
  • Emblem area on chest has some impressions on suit
Batman is a really hard figure/character to mess up his look.  Mezco has executed so many different Batman's suits and they all look fantastic.  I really like the all black suits Batman usually wears and this suit is just the icing on the cake.  The idea of having multiple emblems that can be swapped is the best thing they have done with Batman to date.  The suit is the normal pleather type material but it does have some indents where you can swap the emblems.  I assume this happens from the magnet and the outlines of the different symbols.  I wasn't happy about this but the good thing is the symbols usually cover up the indents in the suit.  He comes on a huge body and fits the Supreme Knight look so well, and the armor is executed with tons of great details.  He comes with four different head sculpts including a old Bruce Wayne sculpt that I really love. The ability to swap capes is something all Batman's should of come with, but I am glad Mezco eventually got around to doing this.  There's now a magnet in his neck and in the head to keep it attached and swap the capes.  
This is the best Batman Mezco has done to date.  All of the head sculpts, ability to swap parts, tons of accessories and you just can't go wrong.  The all black suit looks so sharp and clean I think he is my definitive Batman that I now own. He was a Mezco Dircet exclusive and did sell out quick on their site.  You can still get him at a decent price on the secondary market and I would suggest to do so before the price skyrockets on him.  

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