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Hiya Toys Exquisite Mini's Injustice 2 Video Game DC Figures Review

 Hiya Toys Exquisite Mini's Injustice 2 Video DC Figures

Bane: Darkseid: Aquaman: Reverse Flash:

Hiya toys started me off with their DC Injustice 2 figures about a year ago when I did my first review on them.  My initial take was they are great figures for their scale and pretty well made.  There were some slight paint issues with the figures but overall I gave them a good rating. Fast forward to the next set of Injustice 2 figures Hiya just released and they really upped the ante. The second series comes with Darkseid, Aquaman, Bane and Reverse Flash, which ends up being a very nice release.  Reviewing their first wave of figures was a lot of fun, but I couldn't wait to see what the larger figures looked like out of the box.  Hiya is quickly becoming a hot company, let's see if they maintained that hot streak with this new wave release.

  • Excellent mix of characters with this wave (Bane, Darkseid, Reverse Flash, and Aquaman)
  • Darkseid and Bane are a nice build and look good next to the other figures
  • Great details on such small scale figures
  • Double jointed knees
  • Shoulder joints are stiff with not much articulation 
  • Darkseid right elbow snapped (My fault pushed to hard on the arm and was able to fix)
I dove right in and opened all four figures at the same time.  I like to do this with a larger review as it gives me a great perspective on what may be new or different with the line. The first thing I noticed was the size of Darkseid and Bane, the bigger bodies are very detailed.  They share similar qualities as the shoulder joints don't allow the arms to come all the way down to the side.  This was an observation I saw right away with all four of the figures when I opened them up.  Darkseid comes with 2 different heads and both look equally detailed.  Bane comes with one head but he is loaded with details all over his body.  Next I moved on to Aquaman and Reverse Flash and Flash was a huge surprise to me!  He comes with awesome accessories and has great articulation. At first I thought his body was to thin and frail and didn't look great until I started to pose him.  The slimmer body really is perfect for Reverse Flash and I think he may be my favorite from this wave!  Aquaman has the same issue with shoulders that don't bend enough to touch the side of his body.  This is really my only complaint from the four figures when I was inspecting and posing them. 
The accessories make sense for each figure with Aquaman having his staff and armor and Reverse Flash with his lightning effects.  The larger figures Bane and Darkseid balance not having accessories with great body detail or an extra head. Each figure comes with an extra set of hands that are easily swapped on and off.  The stands they come with are great and connect together, it's one of my favorite things about their stands. The paint applications on all four figures look clean and well done which is excellent news!  I continue to be impressed with the scale of the Hiya figures line, and the details they are able to capture with such small figures. Hiya continues to make improvements in all areas and its impressive. 
Hiya has quickly and quietly become a very popular line for collectors. They are a great scale when you don't have a lot of space to display figures, all while not losing the details and look of the on screen versions.  My favorite of this wave is definitely Reverse Flash which was again a huge surprise to me but he's a well executed figure. If you are into the Injustice games or Hiya Toys figures lines I would highly recommend checking these out and picking them up.  This wave from Hiya toys is the best wave for Injustice 2 yet!

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