Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Mezco Toyz Exclusive Pink Skulls Chaos Club Figure Review

Mezco Toyz 
PSCC Set Review 
Mezco surprised us all with the Pink Skulls Chaos Club, and everyone went nuts!  You may wonder what's all the craze about 3 guys in pink skulls, and it's because its related to GOMEZ! Let's face it, if you are currently collecting the Mezco one:12 line you are probably really into the Mezco mascot.  The Pink Skulls are foes of Gomez, and most likely come from all the dimension jumping Gomez does. I look at this group as an 80's punk gang, creating havoc with everything they come in contact with.  Let's take a closer look at the Pink Skulls and see if this is a must own set. 

  • 3 Figure set all on the same Gomez body and same clothing
  • Set comes with 42 hands, yes 42 hands for 3 figures
  • 3 80's Styled flight jackets with PSCC emblem on back
  • 3 Johnny White caps
  • 3 New Sculpt pink skulls
  • 3 Gomez pink skulls
  • 3 Switchblade knives
  • 3 Clear Skull crusher bats
  • 3 Swords with Sheaths
  • 3 Metal Chains
  • 3 Bandannas
  • 3 Wrist watches
  • 2 Yellow Pipe Wrenches
  • 2 pairs of handcuffs
  • 1 Lit Molotov Cocktail
  • 1 Unlit Molotov Cocktail
  • 3 Messenger Bags
  • 3 Figure base plate stands
  • You are essentially getting 3 of the same figure
The Pink Skulls 3-pack is essentially all the same with some variation in weapons, so I am going to speak to the figure itself. He comes with the same outfit as Street Gomez, sporting a black body and a black neck with pink paint highlighting his neck spine. One of the real positives with this set is all the new accessories that come with the Pink Skulls.  The Pink Skulls are a new head sculpt, along with Molotov cocktails, messenger bags, bandannas, I love all the new items.  Yes, you are essentially getting the same 3 figures with already used clothing from Street Gomez, the accessories are the real gold in the set.
While I was taking pictures of the PSCC, I realized how much fun it was to work with 3 figures at once. I consider them a bunch of mutts so you can basically pose and take pics in any form or fashion and they all look good.  I had fun setting up scenes that you might see from a movie like Death Wish 3, a bunch of gang idiots running around but eventually get theirs.  I can't help but think Gomez will always win out against his foes, as hes considered the top of the food chain.
The PSCC is a highly articulated gang, that comes with a lot of new accessories to get excited about. They are a great base figure for anyone who likes to customize figures, and the clothing is simple to remove.  The set is a really hot item right now and goes for $300+ on the aftermarket, so beware of scalpers charging insane prices.  I would suggest letting the market die down and maybe pick them up closer to retail price later on.  People have also been selling singles for around $110, so if you want just one that may be the way to go.  Let us know what you think about the set in the comments below or you can always hit us up on Instagram and Twitter!
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