Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Mezco Toyz Exclusive Lone Roach and Grub Figure Review

Mezco Toyz 
Lone Roach and Grub Review
Not too long ago,we saw our first glimpse of the Lone Roach and Grub in one of Mezco's awesome stop motion videos.  I want to take a moment and commend Mezco on upping their marketing game as they have been creating the one:12 line now for almost 5 years!  I appreciate this aspect of their releases as it really helps add the to the characters personality.  Most people were really blown away with the tiny Grub that comes with this figure, and for good reason.  When I first opened him up and was posing and playing with him, I got a lot of good ideas for pictures and customs. I'm excited to finally review this duo and see how they hold up to the other Gomez releases.

  • Nicely tailored Kimono
  • Removable Haori
  • Gomez body is a new grey color 
  • 3 Head Sculpts
  • 14 black gloved hands
  • Mezco shoes in Red
  • Micro size Grub
  • Green Backpack
  • Scarf with posing wire
  • Flag pole/ Bo Staff
  • Flag
  • New styled hover board
  • Boom Box
  • Sword with sheath
  • Long and Short Katana swords with sheaths
  • Lone Roach and Grub Poster
  • Display base and adjustable display post

  • Comes with a lot of cool items, but feels a little light on the accessories
  • Would of preferred Ninja/Samurai shoes compared to the red Mezco kicks
People are falling in love with the Gomez body, and for good reason with exceptional articulation and scale.  So you know if you're buying a Gomez, you're getting that highly articulated detailed body without single jointed elbows. Lone Roach is decked out in some really slick samurai gear with great stitching and detailed clothes.  He comes with some new accessories, the best one being his little guy Grub.  Grub is the first baby version of Gomez, with articulation in the shoulders and the hips.  I've been reading a lot of people's thoughts on Lone Roach, and the biggest thing to everyone that comes with this figure is Grub.  Grub fits perfectly into Lone Roach's olive drab backpack, and I really love the color choice for the backpack.  The backpack matches the olive green jacket that comes with Street Gomez, and I plan to pair the 2 together on one of my figures.  As far as the rest of his accessories go, its pretty common items for a Ninja.
Lone Roach and Grub sold out on Mezco's website in less than 10 minutes, and I think that states the love everyone has for this particular Gomez.  I really liked the color choices for all 3 Gomez heads, as well as the Haori and the long flag/bo staff that he comes with.  If you are into Ninjas or Samurai's this is probably the Gomez for you to get.  Not long ago at the Asia Goal convention Mezco released two ninjas the Shadow Assassin in a black and white version.  I currently do not own either of those versions and I don't think the aftermarket prices of $400+ are worth it on any figure except for maybe a PX Punisher.  Lone Roach is going for about $160-$200 on the aftermarket which is a pretty fair price considering he was an exclusive and sold out so quickly.
Thanks for taking the time to read my review and check out my pictures on Mezco's Lone Roach and Grub.  Make  sure to let me know what you think in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram @cobrashadowjoes

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