Monday, November 11, 2019

Mezco Toyz 2019 NYCC Exclusive Batman vs Black Mask Figure Set Review

Mezco Toyz 
NYCC 2019 Exclusive Batman vs Black Mask Set
I've been patiently waiting for Mezco to release more bad guys, and I'm really happy Black Mask is the latest!  Mezco killed it with an NYCC exclusive 2-pack set of Batman and Black Mask and probably the coolest thing that came out of NYCC.  The characters are true DC icons that really deserved a sweet blacked out set.  The mob boss Black Mask has his clutch on the criminal landscape of Gotham, and only the Sovereign Knight can stop him!  Let's take a closer look at this amazing set that sold out within 5 minutes of going up for pre-order!

Black Mask
  • Black Mask head sculpt looks awesome 
  • Nice reuse of the Joker suit to give Black Mask the black and white pinstripe
  • 6 interchangeable hands
  • Excellent battery operated Radioactive Bomb case 
  • Hand gun and MP-5 machine gun with gun blast effect
Black Mask
  • Black Mask's body is on the single jointed Joker body
  • Black Mask's suit jacket is sewed together and will need to have the stitches pulled out to have the open jacket look
  • Suit Jacket has a little residue on his right side
  • Highly articulated body with over 30 points of articulation
  • 10 interchangeable hands
  • Large Batarang 
  • Sonic Distributor 
  • Grappling Gun and attachments 
  • I would of preferred at least one more masked head sculpt for Batman 
I'm so happy to finally have this set in hand, and thoroughly play with both of these figures! I love Black Mask's character and have been patiently waiting to see if Mezco would give us one.  The 2-pack provides a lot of punch from Batman and Black Mask and bother figures are awesome!  As stated in our pros and cons section there is a lot that comes with this 2-pack.
Black Mask comes on the lame Joker body, but after you get past that he is an excellent figure. The suit is very detailed and fits the look of Black Mask very well, the only thing is the jacket is stitched on and if you want to remove it you will need to pull out this stitch. He comes with the first release Punisher pistol and MP5 which suit him perfectly.  His single jointed elbows were a little tight, so be careful when you open him and take your time bending them. Batman's suit has already been releases in a few different colors, one being in grey (PX) and the other a shinny black (Mezco Exclusive) with the yellow and black logo.  The blacked out look of this Batman is really eye catching and mostly likely my favorite of the 3 in this suit. Mezco always makes sure to pack Batman with lots of gadgets and this version holds true to that approach.
This 2-Pack sold out in a few minutes and on the first day of NYCC.  Your best bet to pick one up is probably eBay but its worth the price if you can grab one.  I believe this is the best 2-Pack Mezco has released to date and Black Mask is quickly rising as my favorite villain I own. If you picked up this set, please let us know what you think!
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