Thursday, February 28, 2019

Mezco Toyz One:12 Exclusive Purple Variant Catwoman Figure Review

Mezco Toyz Exclusive
Purple Catwoman
Catwoman has always been one of the classic badass villains of DC Comics and a formidable foe for the Caped Crusader. Way before Harley Quinn was even a thing Catwoman was holding it down representing strong female villains. The initial release of this figure was fantastic, but the purple on this one just pops. Plus, Mezco made sure to make some improvements which should make many people happy.

  • 3 highly detailed face sculpts (smiling, snarling, and unmasked)
  • Accurate Catwoman whip, backpack, and belt
  • Purple suit is detailed and high quality
  • Catwoman goggles (these are red as opposed to the green on the classic version)
  • 4 pairs of hands
  • Standard female body which lacks the articulation that many of their other bodies have

This Catwoman figure is very similar to the initial black costume release. It still scales well and has that classic look that aligns with the figures Mezco has in the One:12 line.  All three face sculpts are well done and have a unique look of their own.  Her goggles allow you to place them on her forehead or on her eyes. The goggles on this version are red rather than green like on the original. If you would like to have them over her eyes the best way to do it is to remove the head and slide them from the bottom of the head up.
She also has a burglar kit on her leg and a nicely sized and form fitting backpack that she wears. Many people had a problem with the initial Catwoman that Mezco released and they were snapping the knee/leg joints quite easily. It appears that Mezco has fixed this issue completely. That very well may be why this figure was pushed back. Some people complain about figures being pushed back, but I never do. I know that it just means we will have a better product in our hands in the end. I am thankful Mezco took the extra time to address this issue. She can be tough to stand on her own so it might be easier for you to use a stand when you are displaying her.
Steve has essentially all of the Mezco One:12 figures and then some, but this is actually the first female figure that I have bought. I am glad that I pulled the trigger. She adds some great diversity to my line up of figures and it is always a plus when I can add another villain to display with my Batman figures. As I said before the purple really pops and I am very happy with all of the head sculpts and accessories she comes with. This figure is currently sold out, BUT there is still a waitlist for her. Join it for chance to get her at retail price before it's too late!

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