Friday, February 22, 2019

NY Toy Fair 2019 Roundup

NECA, Storm Collectibles, Super7, and MORE!!!!
Last Saturday for the fifth consecutive year in a row Steve and I made our annual voyage up to the Javits Center for New York Toy Fair. It is always a long day with lots of work, but we always find a way to keep it fun.

We had a blast getting a look at all of the new offerings from the best companies in the toy business. Earlier in the week we posted our coverage of the Mezco Toyz Media Event, but now we want to take a look at all of the other great companies that we visited last weekend.

As usual NECA TOYS had a ton of new reveals that blew everyone away. They have an extremely diverse offering of licenses and seem to be adding to them by the day. First and foremost, they will be adding to their already wildly successful TMNT line. As a diehard TMNT fan myself it was glorious to see Bebop and Rocksteady in person.

NECA also did the unthinkable and is bringing us figures from both HALLOWEEN II and III! The horror line is continuing to rapidly grow. There will be new figures from IT, THE CONJURING universe, Friday the 13th, and even THEY LIVE!

They showed new figures from the new Godzilla movie and it is amazing to be able to get access to other kaiju besides Godzilla! I can't wait to watch this line continue to grow.

They are also expanding with two new less expensive lines. Toony Terrors and another that is like a continuation of the Kenner-style Aliens and Predators from the 90's. For me this is exciting as it's a new avenue for me to use to introduce my son into the collecting world and to be able to have these characters for himself. 

Lastly, NECA is going hard with their expansion of the 8" clothed line. They are bringing us some very diverse licenses with these such as THE GOONIES, Bob Ross, and more!

Last but definitely not least is ALIEN and PREDATOR. It was awesome to see the behemoth called the Alpha Predator up close and in person. This fun surprise will be the 100th Predator figure released. So many Predators and this line is still kicking ass. Another fun surprise was the addition of Parker from ALIEN. Any time we get a new human character from ALIEN or ALIENS it is a good thing.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see all of the amazing products that will be coming out from companies such as NECA, Super7, Storm Collectibles, Mafex, S.H. Figuarts, Monsterarts, and more!

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