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Mezco Toyz 2019 Toy Fair Press Event

Mezco Toyz 2019 Toy Fair Press Event
This past weekend we had the pleasure of going to the 2019 New York Toy Fair. This was our fifth year in a row covering the event. Every year the Mezco Toyz press event is the highlight of Toy Fair. Not only do they pump out an exorbitant amount of new characters, but nobody takes better care of their guests than Mezco. Mezco gave out goody bags to all of the press in attendance. They included TWO new One:12 figures and other items as well. The new figures were Mezco's mascot, Gomez, and a Toy Fair exclusive Blade. More on those later!

Mezco ToyFair Booth Coverage
It's an honor to be able to attend the press event each year, and we are always blown completely away. Right off the bat we saw so many new and exciting characters. Some of the new super hero characters included the '89 Michael Keaton Batman, comic version Harley Quinn, Captain Marvel, Magneto, Black Bolt and Lock Jaw, Ghost Rider, a new Wonder Woman.

The horror line that began with Ash Williams and Michael Myers is seeing a huge boost. We got to see Hellboy, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, the 2018 version of Pennywise of IT, the original Halloween II version of Michael Myers, and the biggest surprise of all...THEY LIVE!!! We can't tell you how excited we are about THEY LIVE. The grey pinstriped three piece suit looked amazing on the figure too.

Of course, they have many other characters that will be coming to such as The Warriors and Ghostbusters four packs, different versions of Mezco's mascot Gomez, and so much more!

At the Diamond booth we also got to take a good look at the Previews Exclusive versions of Batman, Cable, and Green Lantern.
Gomez Figure
Last week Mezco put out a teaser video that showed a new One:12 figure of their mascot Gomez. Steve and I immediately began speculating and talking about how bad we wanted this figure. Who doesn't want a bad ass, decked out, middle finger giving, assassin cockroach?!? Talk about fun! Little did we know that this figure would be given away in the press giveaway bag. We were stoked. This figure is extremely unique and versatile. Kudos to Mezco for continuing to bring us one off type characters like this.

I can't forget to mention how Mezco went above and beyond to take care of their fans by putting this figure up for preorder on their website. That version is identical but it comes with a special comic book instead of the goody bag the press got. That is said to be releasing some time around July.
  • 4 Incredibly cool and unique head sculpts
  • 14! Interchangeable hands (which includes a middle finger)
  • Sleek suit with grey shirt and black tie
  • Long black trench coat
  • Multi function rifle 
  • Boom Box Case
  • 2 Grenades
  • 2 Gun blast effects
  • Peashooter blaster gun
  • Sword with Sheath 
  • Converse Chuck Taylor style sneakers

Blade Figure

Surprise number two was a Toy Fair Exclusive version of Blade! This figure is bad ass and is also chocked full of accessories. He comes with a ton of heads and all kinds of weapons. He will be a highly sought after figure on the secondary market as he should be. We had a lot of fun photographing him and showing off all of the different looks and display options that he is capable of.
  • 4 Unique head sculpts
  • Submachine gun
  • Shotgun with strap
  • 2 Swords with sheaths
  • Magnetic sheath holder for back
  • 6 Red stakes
  • 2 Red throwing blades
  • 8 pairs of sunglasses
  • 2 Gun blast effects
Summary of Mezco 2019 Toy Fair Press Event
As I said, we consider ourselves privileged to be able to attend this event each year. Mezco is a great company and we love to support them by collecting their line and by reviewing their products. Director of Special Projects, Michael Drake is always personable and cheerfully walking the booth each year. He puts in a lot of hard work and we appreciate it.

Also, you never know who you will run into at Toy Fair. As we were walking around we bumped into Michael Nathanson who plays Homeland Security agent Sam Stein in season one of Netflix PUNISHER. He was very down to earth and talked to us quite a bit about toys and dioramas and other fun topics. He is a huge fan just like the rest of us!

Bottom Line: Mezco continues to top themselves over and over and over. In their catalogue they had even more exciting products that will be coming out in the future. Some of those included Gambit, Moon Knight, and a classic version of Aqua Man!!! 
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