Wednesday, January 20, 2016

NECA TOYS AVP Predators Review

Chopper-Celtic-Scar Predator

If you haven't purchased NECA's AVP Predator line yet, you will want to after you read this review.  I think most people have the same opinion about the movie...the Predators looked like they were on steroids, and the actors were just plain boring.  The movie is truly about the Alien vs Predator battles throughout, but they were hard to follow and not exactly "non rubber suit looking".  I'd sit here and write about the entire movie premise, but at this point all that matters is the amazing figures NECA has created from a PG-13 Alien/Predator movie. I decided for this series, I would review all three Predators together to compare and contrast their differences.
  •  Excellent body molds.
  •  The best Predator figure articulation to date. (Over 30 Points)
  •  Accessories are made with sturdy plastic.
  •  Hands are interchangeable and well made.
  •  Sculpt of each Predator is spot on and extremely well done.
  •  Each Predator includes a good amount of accessories.
  • After moving all the joints, hands, weapons, basically everything included, its made so well I don't have anything bad to say.

The packaging for all three AVP predators has a new look for the AVP franchise.  The card backer has the the movie art, and jumps right off the packaging.  The back of each card provides details of the AVP story line, along with specific details of each Predator from the movie. 

     All 3 Predator's carry a variety of equipment which includes a Bio-Mask, Plasma Caster, Medi-Kit, Combi-Stick, Dual wrist blades, Net Launcher, Retracted Shuriken, and Ceremonial Dagger. The ball joints are strong in every spot, enough to move and pose but keep the Predator in that exact pose you want.  The joints didn't need any tricks to loosen them, and no worries about any paint chipping during the process of posing them.  


 Each Predator has its own set of accessories to deck them out.  I personally love the skulls that come with the Chopper Predator. The details on them are just so good. Below is a summary of weapons and abilities included with these Predators.

  • Cloaking Device
  • Wrist Blades
  • Combi-Stick
  • Shuriken
  • Net Launcher
  • Ceremonial Dagger
  • Bio-Mask
  • Wrist Gauntlet
  • Self Destruct Device
  • Sat-Com
  • Medi-Kit

  These are the best Predators NECA has ever made! With 30 points of articulation, the AVP Predators are top notch with tight joints, full movement, and come with sturdy accessories.  I have a tough time deciding which one is my favorite of the three, but all three together look absolutely menacing. With the promise of more Predators coming from the movie, this may end up being my favorite Predator line to date!  Randy and the team at NECA knew what they were doing when creating these odd Predators...making them a sought after item for even those who hate the movie.  

Jacked up rubber suit Predators… that’s not what you are getting from NECA!

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