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NECA TOYS Ultimate T-1000 Terminator Review

NECA Ultimate T-1000 Terminator

"Have you seen this boy?", a line Robert Patrick laid out with conviction as a T-1000.  I actually believe Robert Patrick was just as good as any of the other characters in Terminator 2.  He really gives a performance that makes you believe he is literally a liquid machine with one job...TERMINATE!  I could almost make a case that he stole the movie from the entire cast...only because of his kills and demeanor throughout the movie. OK, enough about the movie, let's jump into this awesome figure!

·                     Highly detailed version of the T-1000.
·                     Plenty of articulation to move and pose however you would like.
·                     All 3 heads have amazing sculpts and look fantastic.
·                     Paint, joints, attachments all work well and are highly detailed.
·                     ZERO! This figure is so good, I can't find anything I don't like about it.

            The packaging follows the T-800 look from the Terminator ultimate line. The picture on the front of the box captures the T-1000 in all of its glory.  Right away you know what you are looking at, and what part of the movie the picture is from.  The back of the box gives a great summary and excellent pictures of the iconic T-1000. When you open the box it shows another excellent picture of the figure along with a beautiful window display of all the amazing pieces that come with this figure.
            How do you describe a figure that is an icon and so unique looking?  The details are amazing...from the uniform color to the details of the liquid metal weapons he morphs from his body.  All parts of the figure are painted perfectly, the joints are stiff to hold poses, and all the interchangeable pieces are easy to swap.  There were no issues with leg breaks, or paint rubs while swapping pieces or bending joints. 

            The T-1000 comes with many accessories. Each one shows his different iconic looks from throughout the movie.  The figure comes with all of the accessories listed below:  
·         3 Different Heads
·         1 set of liquid metal arms
·         1 set of liquid metal fingers
·         Black .45 Pistol
·         Bullet penetration chest
·         Regular police chest
·         3 different interchangeable hands

After reading all of the items this figure includes, you can see why this is trul an Ultimate figure version of the T-1000. 

            In my opinion, this T-1000 is the best example of any T-1000 figure ever made. NECA has made multiple versions of this figure with less articulation years ago.  Up until now, those figures were by far the closest thing you would get to an accurate T-1000, but you had to buy so many different figures to get all the iconic looks of the figure.  The Ultimate line allows you to play, change, and be creative to bring out the look you really want from this figure. 

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