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NECA TOYS Aliens Power Loader Review

NECA TOYS Aliens Power Loader
Hi everyone, I just received the Kenner Aliens Power Loader, and man this thing is just a hunk of plastic.  Oh wait, I actually got the NECA Toys version of the Aliens Power Loader and this thing is much more than some plastic!  Classic, a perfect word to describe the NECA Power Loader.  It's truly something pulled right out of the Aliens movie, and not just to fight the Queen, but to also help me move things around in my room.  It comes in a smaller box than you would think, but wait until you take it out you and get a feel of how cool and in scale it is with all of your NECA Aliens collection!

  • Highly detailed version of the Power Loader.
  • Plenty of articulation to move and pose however you would like.
  • Nice weathered look to it.
  • The joints are very tight.
  • Only Ripley will fit in the power loader with the belt completely snapped in.
  • Can be hard to get it to stand in certain poses.
  • Feet are a little uneven.

Power Loader 
Since this is actually a vehicle and not a figure, the packaging is a straight forward box.  Once you remove the Power Loader from the box it comes with two antenna's for the top, as well as a separate pair of hands for Lt. Ripley to hold the Loader controls.  I was able to easily place the antenna's in their holes with no issues and my Power Loader was ready to go!  My initial thought was not to have Ripley inside the loader, but it looks like the belt will only hold a smaller waist figure with the chest belts it has in place.  I carefully inspected the Power Loader to make sure there were no issues with it and placed my Bishop figure in the Loader.  He fits OK, and I was able to get his feet into the straps and his body fit good enough inside of it. However, I was unable to latch the belts because of the size of his body.  I can understand this vehicle was made for Lt. Ripley, but a little disappointed it's not more cross figure functional.  All in all, Bishop is in there and he looks good enough with the belt straps.

The next part I really worked on was the legs of the Power Loader.  I carefully inspected the joints and the articulation to make sure I wasn't bending something I shouldn't.  The legs were very stiff and hard to crack at first, but was able to finally get them to bend and function.  The feet of the Loader are a little different, as they don't quite lay flat and you have to be very particular when posing without it falling over.  The arms of the Loader work very well, and so does the clamp features at the end of each arm. The details like the wiring on the back really make this a fun piece to not just display but also play with and pose the way you want.  I believe all four sides of the Loader are really sharp and can be placed any way you would like. It has tons of curb appeal!

After getting my Power Loader the way I wanted it, the next thing I looked at was how it fit in a Detolf case.  The Loader actually fit very well...even on the same shelf as the Alien Queen it didn't look cluttered.  The yellow paint really stands out with all the other dark colors in the Aliens world, and I like it a lot.  When I think of the Power Loader, I think about more than just the final battle scene with the Queen Alien and Lt. Ripley going at it.  I actually enjoy the foreshadowing in the movie showing some of the Marines as well as Ripley using it to properly store their weapons and gear. 


If you love the movie Aliens, or love NECA Toys, than this is a must own piece for you.  It's detailed and stunning, and it is the Power Loader you really wanted as a kid fighting against the Aliens.  I know it will be hard, but I hope to hunt for another Power Loader for my display as it may just be the best Aliens piece NECA has created!  Yes, it has some cons that you must work through, but it's worth every penny and the patience it takes to own one.  Let us know what you think of the Aliens Power Loader, and if you plan on getting one or have one!  If you don't, you better start searching now before they are sold out everywhere!

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