Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NECA TOYS Alien Eggs Carton (6 Pack)


If you are a fan of the NECA Toys Alien line then you are going to love the Xeno eggs. These are the perfect accessory to compliment your Alien collection. NECA has already brought us so many Alien goodies and there is no plan to stop in sight. By this point, we have all kinds of humans whether they be crew members or Colonial Marines, all kinds of Xenos, as well as the Blue and Red Queens, and the Power Loader!!! If you are into making your own dioramas like we are then the Alien eggs are a dream come true for you.


Right off the bat you will notice that the Alien eggs come in this killer packaging. It looks just like a carton of a half dozen eggs you would pick up from the supermarket...until you look at it more closely that is! This idea is extremely creative and we give major props to whoever thought it up. As usual, NECA paid very close attention to all of the small details. That's really what they do best. 

The carton has packaging stickers that show that the eggs are cage-free Xeno eggs straight from LV-426! The packaging even comes with an expiration date, its own Nutrition Facts, and a little Alien acid which gives the appearance that it is burning through the carton. It clearly states "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!" Once you open the carton there are even handling instructions for you. I got a freaking kick out of this. So much awesomeness and we didn't even get to the actual Alien eggs yet!


Upon opening that carton you will see that there are six Alien eggs inside of it. Of the six, three of them are closed and three of them are open and have a Facehugger inside of it. What is great is that the eggs and Facehuggers are perfectly in scale with the rest of the NECA Alien line. The eggs look particularly awesome when set with the Queen. The is no shortage of cool ways to use the Facehuggers. You can have them exiting its egg, ready to pounce, or stuck on an unlucky victims face! Also, the tail of the Facehuggers are bendable so that you can pose them exactly as you wish.


This is a very fun and unique addition to the ALIEN line. NECA has now brought us several types of Xeno's (including two different Queens), members from the original cast (including two fantastic Ripleys), Colonial Marines, the Power Loader, and now Alien eggs! Randy just announced on Twitter the new Alien figures that will becoming out for Series 7 which includes a translucent prototype 'Big Chap.' ALIEN fans should be extremely happy. Randy has several series down the road already planned. So if you're an ALIEN fan like we are just sit back and enjoy the ride!  

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Sample provided by NECA TOYS

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